Raw Fruit Detox (Day 4 Recap)

Yesterday, I was amazed that I had made it 3 days on nothing but fruit. It’s time for my Raw Fruit Detox (Day 4 Recap). Today (with 4 days down), I can say that I have become a natural fruitarian.  I walk into the grocery store and head straight to the produce section, targeting my beloved fruits.  It’s almost scary, how easily I can adapt to a diet! 

I’m not saying that I’d give up veggies, cause I wouldn’t.  That would be ridiculous.  But I am learning a lot about myself this week.  Perhaps, I’m really learning about all of us.  It wasn’t that long ago that I ate the Standard American Diet (SAD).  I thought that we were predestined to eat hotdogs and hamburgers, chased down by a big glass of cold milk.  Besides, that’s what being American is all about, right?

But no, here I am on Day 5 of an all-fruit cleanse, detoxifying my body from the harmful chemicals of the world.  My old self would have some words with me, I’m sure.  Luckily, I saved his life by switching to a plant-based diet, so he owes me one.  And I’m feeling better today than I have in a while.  So let’s get into some highlights from Day 3 to see what crazy combinations I came up with!

Beginning Weight:  141 lbs.
Weight Loss:  1 lb.

Peach Banana Smoothie (recipe here)

raw fruit detox day 4 smoothie

Garlicky Tomato Soup (recipe here)

vegan tomato soup detox

Orange Fruit Smoothie (recipe here)

banana smoothie vegan detox

As you can see, I got a little carried away with the citrus fruits today.  I shouldn’t get a cold for about… I don’t know… a year or three!  I also went for a run to see how my body would perform on my fruit fuel.  I’ve been off my feet for a while, due to Foot Drop Syndrome.  I injured a nerve (peroneal) in my right leg which has caused that foot to drop. 

Basically, it’s numb from the knee down.  This has minimized my running, to say the least.  But I felt good today and really wanted to see what it was like to run on fruit.  I was able to log six miles, and did so in pretty decent time (considering my situation).  Below, are my splits.

drop foot distance pace

It would appear that a fruit-based diet has not hindered my running.  In fact, it may have helped.  That was the longest run I’ve done in 2 weeks!  This makes me wonder how important it really is to fuel up on carbohydrates before a race.  I’ll probably still do it, but this information is worth noting.

Well, it’s on to Day 5.  It’s hard to believe that my “7 Days of Raw Fruit” is already half-way through.  I still have some time to come up with some more great recipes though.  Stay tuned and I’ll be back tomorrow with some more delicious treats for you all!

Raw Fruit Detox Daily Recaps (Days 1-7)

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