Veggie Photo Challenge: Submit your Vegan Pics

 Vegan Egg(less) Salad Sandwich

I’m always posting pictures to Instagram of my favorite dishes.  Sometimes it’s stuff I made, sometimes something I got at a restaurant.  I thought it would be fun to see what foods you guys (girls) are eating.  So I created the “Veggie Photo Challenge” where you can show off your favorite food pictures right here on the blog.

But that didn’t sound good enough;  I wanted to make it a contest of some sort.  So here’s the deal – tweet your photos @forkstofeet with the hashtag #VeggiePhotos including the name of the dish in the picture.

[If you are “Twitterless,” you can post your pictures to our Facebook page here.  No Facebook?  No problem.  Just send me the picture along with the description to]

Not only will I put your pictures on the blog, but I will have our readers to rate them.  And (as an added bonus) I will attempt to prepare the dish myself and include my own personalized recipe of it in a future post!  How cool is that!?

There are a couple of rules:

1.  Photos must be of vegetarian or vegan foods (if a vegetarian dish wins, I will be forced to use alternative ingredients in place of animal ones.  No big deal though – replacing ingredients is easy.)

2.  All photos must be posted (sent in) by Friday, August 30th 10pm EST.  Voting will end the following Saturday morning 10am EST.  I will announce the winner that afternoon.

3.  You can only vote once per photo.  You can find the photos here.  Photos will be updated each morning.

That’s it!  Easy enough right?  Now get to snapping those pictures.  I look forward to seeing the delicious foods you guys are eating!  If you have any questions, feel free to ask in the comments below, or by emailing me at

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