Vegan Gains Facts, Early Life, Relationships, Net Worth & More

7 things you did not know about Vegan Gains (Richard Burgess)

You may have read articles about Vegan gains a.k.a Richard Burgess or probably, you may have watched his videos on YouTube. In the community of vegans, Richard is quite popular because of his ardent conviction of veganism. In this article, we will provide detailed information about Richard Burgess that may be unknown to you.

Early Life and Family

Born on June 26, 1991, Richard is a Canadian YouTuber that focuses on health and nutritional content. He is a Canadian by birth, and he also has an African root. Vegan gains have not given more details about his parents and there is no record verifying whether he has siblings or not.

The only online appearance of anyone related to Richard was a video of his grandfather, which he uploaded in 2015. His intent for uploading the video was to create awareness of the side effects of eating meat. In the video, his grandfather was having a heart attack and Richard believed he deserved it.

However, the video was taken down on the request of other family relatives. There is scarcely any comprehensive detail on the educational background of Richard, but there are speculations that he finished high school in 2009.

Richard has always been an advocate of standing up for what is right. He has vehemently disagreed with community leaders who often try to discredit him for his contents. He is a junkie and his favorite is doughnuts.

Personal life and Relationships

Vegan is a married man. He met his wife on another social media platform, Facebook, in 2015. Coincidentally, his wife, Jasmine Gaines, is also a Vegan, and she owns her own YouTube channel for delivering content on how to build a healthy vegan lifestyle.

She has over 9,000 subscribers on her channel. They got married in November the following year. Their wedding was held in the home country of Jasmine, Belgium.

The union between Richard and Jasmine is without any offspring, which is the joint decision of the couple. They both admit their dislike for children and openly stated that they will not procreate.

According to Vegan Gains, children make him gag. He even went to the extent of using contraceptive methods to truncate any possibility of reproduction. He performed a vasectomy operation to eliminate any chances of having a child

Early Career of Vegan Gains

The beginning of Gains’ nutritional content on YouTube is based on plant-based diets. Richard Burgess also specializes in vegan bodybuilding and fitness. His popularity on YouTube has grown over the years and people follow his contents.

He started his YouTube content creation in December 2014 and since then, he has had over 67 million views and has more than 350,000 subscribers. He started the YouTube channel as a medium to disseminate information and share substantial knowledge on issues relating to vegan.

The videos uploaded on the provided detailed information on diverse topics on how to maintain a vegan lifestyle. However, Richard started drifting from the educative and expository contents on his channel; he began to engage in a series of controversial topics and arguments.

Vegan Gains constantly disputed with public figures on the video-sharing website who were responsible for spreading false information. Gradually, Vegan Gains was becoming infamous on YouTube.

Professional Career and Road to Fame

His professional career started in 2014 with the release of his debut video on YouTube, tagged “Why a bodybuilder became Vegan”. He also shared how he got inspired to tread the path of veganism. According to his statement, he was motivated after watching a video on Facebook of an animal rights activist and lecturer, Gary Yourofsky. Towing that line with such enthusiasm, he became a staunch supporter of protecting animals and always disagreed with meat-eaters.

He started growing his online presence through his YouTube channel and always uploaded videos. The majority of the videos were focused on vegan-related topics and how to maintain plant-based nutrition.

He also used his channel to express his opinion on meat-eaters, and he always showed it in an aggressive and offensive manner, sometimes, you can see him wield a knife on his YouTube videos. Even as his promotion and passion for veganism were appreciated, his extremist behavior about meat-eaters created arguments and debates on his channel.

The Character of Vegan Gains

The hate of Richard on meat-eaters is a trait he does not seem to know how to conceal. There are several videos showing how he displays strong attitudes. He is fond of bluntly expressing his uncontrolled anger towards anyone who is a proponent of killing animals for meat consumption.

Vegan Gains is well known to frequently attack even other bodybuilders and fellow YouTubers who have a contrast opinion from what he believes – veganism.

He has often exhibited traits of violence, excessive aggression, and sometimes, he openly admits to having certain mental challenges. Richard Burgess often describes himself as a sadist and cynic.

Vegan Gains also does not have much sympathy and lacks empathy and compassion. He has often capitalized on the tragedies and sad moments of people to promote his personal ideas and views.

Vegan Gains Net Worth

The main source of Gains earnings is from advertisements on his YouTube channel. He has more than 67 million views on his channel and this gives him about 120,000 US dollars. Another source of revenue is from donations that are made while streaming his videos on YouTube. He also has an online shopping platform where he sells merch. In total, the current net worth of Vegan Gains is about a million US dollars.

Health and Nutrition

As a bodybuilder, Richard Burgess believes in maintaining a good and healthy lifestyle. Gains is always ready to express the health benefits of his chosen diet. He strongly considers plant-based nutrition as the best diet that humans should adapt to. Burgess believes that the animal products consumed cause cancer and that feeding as a vegan can treat it.

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