10 Things you didn’t know about Brian Turner

10 Things you didn't know about Brian Turner
Source: Brian Tuner YouTube

Brian Turner is a Vegan YouTuber and advocate well known in the vegan community with over 365k YouTube Subscribers and 116k Instagram subscribers. Here are 10 facts you may have not known about Brian Turner!

1. His girlfriend is Sammy Marie Grimm

Brian has dated his long term girlfriend Sammy Marie Grimm for several years who is a BPD (Borderline Personality Disorder) Advocate, LGBTQ advocate and also a Vegan YouTuber. Sammy is seen is many of Brian’s Videos and she has a large following herself with 24.2k Instagram followers and 30.5k YouTube Subscribers. She discusses many of the same topics as Brian and is a great girlfriend for him. They have no plans to get married soon but maybe in the future.

2. Brian is great Friends with Derek Simnett and Jon Venus

The trio of Vegan bodybuilders are known as the “Vegan Avengers” and they have all been great friends for a long time. Derek and Jon share similar vegan values as Brian and can be often seen working out together, enjoying some delicious Vegan cusinune and even collaborate in a lot of videos.

3. Brian Turner used to have severe cystic

During Brian’s teenage years he sustained very intense acne and became well known when part of his cure was switching to a plant based diet. Brian has great skin now and became famous when he appeared on “The Doctors” TV show to talk about his battle with acne. He still have a few acne scars understandably but has a solid skincare routine. If you are interested in skin care tips you can follow Brian’s other YouTube channel called Team Acne.

4. Brian used to have short hair

Since going  Vegan, Brian has embraced
his natural side and let his hair grow extremely long. He loves the style and
does not plan to change it any time soon.

5. Brian used to lived in San Diego California

Brian spent a lot of time in San Diego which has beautiful weather and is known to be a hub for great Vegan Cuisine. He had to leave San diego last year because his life was too hectic and opted to spend time in Malibu Creek to enjoy nature and the outdoors. We don’t blame you Brian!

6. He is a sponsor for Vivolife Protien Powder

In Brian’s Videos you will often see him promoting the Vivolife protien brand. Vivolife products are all 100% Vegan, raw and come in a variety of flavors such as salted maca caramel – Brian’s favorite flavor. Brian has been promoting vivolife for several years a long with other vegan YouTubers.

7.  Brian has a segment called The World Vegan News

About a year ago Brian becomes the vegan personality “Broc Lee” and talks about news and trends going on in veganism around the globe. He dresses up as a news anchor and the segment is very well made, funny and provides up to date news on vegan happenings.

8. Brian does not take steroids

Many rumors have been circulating around that Brian takes steroids to achieve his muscular phisique on a vegan diet. In a video he made in 2019, Brian prooves that he is not on steroids by sharing some of his blood tests results. Specifically, his testosterone is in normal ranges and would be much higher if he was on steroids.

He has been lifting for 10 years and never took any steroids in any capacity and never would because he knows it will mess up your endocrine system.

9. Brian Turner likes Tattoos but does not
like Piercings

According to Q&A video Brian stated that
he likes Tattoos and thinks they look good but he is not a fan of body
piercings. For him piercings are more about the location and he does not like
bullhorns or gauges.

10.  Brian Turner has an online store

Brian has an online store where he sells custom swestshirts that have funny vegan lines such as “Plant Bases Meatheat” or “Vegans Taste Better” You should check it out!

We look forward to following Brian and all the great vegan content he creates in 2020 and beyond!

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