Vegan Nutrition Tips: What to Eat for a Balanced Diet

Vegan Nutrition Tips: What to Eat for a Balanced Diet

The world needs us. Our world.

And if you were told there’s a simple and nutritious way to help, would you do it? 

Keep reading and you’ll discover some amazing tips to develop your vegan nutrition and how your choice to go vegan is helping our planet!

So, You Want to Learn About Vegan Nutrition?

It is easy to think that a vegan meal consists only of leafy greens and more leafy greens. But that couldn’t be more wrong! 

A balanced vegan diet consists of:

  • Carbohydrates: 45–65% of total daily calories
  • Fat: 25–35% of total daily calories
  • Protein: 20–30% of total daily calories

This means the basis of your vegan diet should include legumes, nuts, grains, beans, and seeds. That means rice, bread (yes carbs!), and black beans, all these yummy foods, will have a healthy serving on your plate.

These foods are also amazing sources of protein, leaving you feeling strong and full after every meal. Just add some veggies and spices, and voila! a delicious and nutritious meal.

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It’s Not Only Food Though

We’ve heard for decades how important vitamins are, well here’s your reminder that it’s time to start taking some. 

Vitamins are essential to a balanced vegan diet, honestly to every diet. However, there are a few special ones that are particularly important to your new lifestyle.  

Five vitamins all vegans should have in their routine:

  • B12: found in red meat, B12 aids in the production of DNA and cell health
  • Omega-3: a fatty acid found in fish that helps regulate heart health
  • Multi-Vitamins: a necessity no matter your diet
  • Iron: a mineral found in red meat that ensures healthy growth and development 
  • Probiotics: more and more scientists preach the importance of gut health, and without dairy, making sure you’re getting the right gut bacteria is vital

Don’t just believe us though, listen to these 33 vegan nutrition experts!

Note: Make sure to buy vegan-friendly formulas!

Okay, It Sounds Good, but How Does Veganism Help Our Planet? 

Eating veggies and whole grains don’t only make your body feel great, it makes the world feel great too. 

Animal farming accounts for up too 10% of greenhouse gas emissions, produces run-off (chemicals used in agriculture running offinto freshwater), massive water usage, and not too mention animal cruelty. 

When you adopt a vegan lifestyle, you take money away from those harmful practices. It’s also super easy to make a vegan diet sustainable! Make sure to buy fruits and vegetables that are in season and to check out your local markets.

Even the simple fact you chose a more mindful eating practice is a fantastic step towards helping our planet! 

We Came, We Conquered, Now What?

So, we learned all about vegan nutrition and it’s amazing benefits. We also learned about how our mindful eating can help the planet! Now it’s time for you to take this knowledge and start putting it into action. 

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