Dr. Leo Venus: Vegan Doctor Bio, Life, & Facts

Dr. Leo Venus: Vegan Doctor Bio, Life, & Facts

Who is Dr. Leo Venus?

Dr. Leo Venus is a vegan doctor, an athlete, and a Vegan YouTuber with health convictions that extend past his medical qualifications.

He has a passion for informing and educating people beyond the conventional approach to health and diseases.

He provides a neutral scientific understanding of how to achieve and maintain long-term health and happiness.

Here are a few things you must know about him

He has a mixed biological background

Yes, Dr. Leo Venus is half Brazilian and half Norwegian but has lived in different countries, including Brazil, Norway, Spain, United States, and Ireland.

It’s this international exposure and cultural interactions that have broadened his international understanding and made it easy to interact with different people.

He has a background in bioengineering

Before pursuing a bachelor’s degree in medicine at the Royal College of Surgeons in Ireland, Dr. Leo undertook his first bachelor’s degree in bioengineering at the Norwegian University of Science and Technology.

After his first bachelor’s degree in bioengineering, Dr. Leo realized he wanted to work closely with people, and that’s why medical school became his next stop.

He’s an experienced weight lifter

Dr. Leo is a vegan strength athlete with many years of experience in weight lifting.

He has also been a sports nerd since childhood with recent remarkable accomplishments as Norwegian Regional Champion, Irish National Jiu-Jitsu champion, and Irish National Wrestling Champion.

Dr. Leo Venus has been vegan for over 7 years

He first started out on a plant-based diet but later transitioned to veganism. This was after he realized that not going vegan was contributing to animal torture and exploitation.

He is dedicated to bringing an end to the unhealthy western culture by showing people that they can be fit, healthy, and happy without getting involved in animal cruelty and environmental destruction.

Inner dealings in the medical industry changed his approach to health

As a medical professional, Dr. Leo has had an opportunity to experience what goes on in the mainstream medical industry.

That although most diseases today are lifestyle-related, lifestyle changes are not emphasized in management and treatment within the industry.

From his first-hand experience, Dr. Leo also notes how the money industry has greatly affected the health sector.

He takes note of how the medical industry is pushing for expensive invasive procedures and medications for conditions that are otherwise preventable and treatable through lifestyle changes.

According to Dr. Leo, even nutritional guidelines that one may consider safe to follow are sponsored by the same companies producing the foods recommended.

That includes the fitness industry. Supplement manufacturers for instance, tell you exactly what supplements you need and for what purpose.  But according to Dr.Leo, it ought not to be the case.

He believes nutrition and lifestyle changes are the first step towards healing and good health. Something that no one will tell you in a normal medical setup.

He will always identify himself as a vegan

Dr. Leo believes that for any movement, it’s important to have a name that identifies with it, and he doesn’t mind being labeled ‘vegan.’ In his opinion, the benefits of using the word vegan outweigh the harm.

In his notion, there is no science showing humans need animal products to achieve optimal health. This makes animal agriculture unnecessary.

Veganism is the only way to end the harm and suffering inflicted on animals and environmental pollution associated with animal agriculture.


According to Dr. Leo, it’s a huge waste of potential not to learn from the realizations and mistakes that other people have made in the past.

His Biggest mistake mentality

Thinking that he can figure everything out by himself. He calls it foolish to make the same mistakes other people have made instead of learning from them

Everyone has a weakness. It’s human nature, but he considers wearing humility as the only key to reaching out and asking for help when needed.

There is a lot that people can learn from each other and grow with the help of others.

He knows little about politics

Dr. Leo openly admits that he doesn’t really know much about politics. Probably because he believes he doesn’t have much to impact this area.

However, he believes politics is how the world works, and understanding its different operations goes a long way.

He doesn’t shy away from advocating for veganism

While some people may find vegans to be pushy with an intention to impose their lifestyle and beliefs on others, Dr. Leo believes without speaking out, people will keep doing what they have been doing.

He believes the pushy feeling comes as a result of people feeling bad about their choices and eating habits when confronted. This makes them feel emotionally under attack, projecting that emotional instability on the offender who in this case, is a vegan.

But he also understands that humans are emotional before they can get logical. Humans react badly when challenged on their deep belief systems, which is a threat with no room for logic and science.

Pushing veganism on someone who believes consuming animals and animal products will elicit the same reaction as if you were physically threatening them.

Instead, he recommends vegans not to tell people what to do but give them a feeling of importance, and ask questions that can help direct them on the right path from a scientific perspective.

He is a book warmer

Dr. Leo enjoys reading books. He considers audiobooks convenient as they allow him to engage in other things at the same time. They are also great when he is traveling

He admits to reading a lot of books that have things he disagrees with, but for every book he has read, there are things that have been impactful in his life.

He discourages discarding the whole book because you don’t agree with certain parts of the book.

Some of the books he recommends include The Obstacle Is The Way, Mastery by Robert Greene, You Are The Placebo, Sapiens and Homo Deus by Yuval Noah Harari to name but a few.

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