4 Tips for Starting a Vegan Diet

4 Tips for Starting a Vegan Diet

Making the decision to switch to vegan is a popular choice for a reason. There are all sorts of health benefits that you can expect from eating a plant-based diet. Whether you’re at retirement age or in your early 20s, making the switch to vegan can have plenty of perks. Statistics show that vegans have lower risks of cancer, heart disease, and obesity-related diseases like diabetes. 

However, transitioning to an all-plant diet can be challenging if you have eaten animal products your entire life. Fear not, however here are some of the best tips for making the switch to a vegan diet. 

Use the 1-2 Servings Rule 

When you’re not cooking with cheese or meat, it can be difficult to come up with ideas for main courses. A great rule of thumb is using one to two servings of veggies for your recipes.  Regardless of what it is that you’re preparing, throw in several servings of vegetables. Whether you add some vegetables to your spaghetti sauce or a few spinach leaves to your blueberry smoothie, the idea is to pack in the veggies wherever you can. 

Make Small Changes 

For some people, quitting animal products cold turkey can be a shock on their system.  To help ease the stress of such a big change in your diet; you may want to consider making gradual changes to your meals. 

For example, start as a vegetarian and then work your way to an entirely plant-based diet. Alternatively, you may want to just start eating vegan meals one day a week. The small change can eventually evolve into a full transition that may be easier to handle when done in small steps. 

Eat Fruit For Dessert 

Unfortunately, a lot of people use veganism as an excuse to eat unhealthy snacks. Rather than going for whatever sugary treat you can find that doesn’t animal products, opt for fruit instead. Fruits are just as important as vegetables in a vegan diet. They help you stay full, they give you plenty of fiber and antioxidants, and they’re delicious! 

Discover New Recipes 

One of the best parts of being vegan is exploring plant-based recipes. There are all sorts of dishes out there to be discovered if you only look for them. You can check out vegan blogs or buy vegan cookbooks. Get to know other vegans in your social circle and ask them for their favorite recipes. Learn to embrace plant-based proteins like tempeh, beans, and tofu. By keeping an open mind and staying curious about different recipes, you’ll discover the pleasures of veganism in no time. Not only will you enjoy new flavors, but you’ll be taking part in helping save the planet.

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