Healthy Crazy Cool (Miles Kasiri) Vegan YouTuber Bio, Life & Info

Healthy Crazy Cool (Miles Kasiri) Vegan YouTuber Bio, Life & Info

Facts about Healthy Crazy Cool

If you followed tennis news during the early 2000s, you might have heard of Miles Kasiri (Healthy Crazy Cool). He was once famed as the next big thing in British tennis. Even though that didn’t come to pass, he turned his life around to become one of the most famous vegan vloggers in Great Britain and around the world. 

He runs a successful YouTube channel, Health Crazy Cool, where he shares tips about living a vegan life, and a lot of entertainment videos. So who’s Miles Kasiri? Please keep reading to find out how his days are like and why he decided to switch to a plant-based diet, personal life, and other details.

Early life and family

Miles Kasiri (Healthy Crazy Cool) is a retired professional athlete. Born on November 29, 1986, he often trained in tennis and swimming. It’s fair to say that he was destined for tennis. His parents (Father – Firuz and Mother – Gail) took him to a Wimbledon game when he was a baby, and there’s even a photo of him holding a tennis racket when he was only six years old.

He started playing professional tennis at the age of 13 and was the first boy to reach the Wimbledon Championships finals since 1972. He later developed shoulder problems, and they got worse during his tennis career, and he was even once suspended due to a lack of effort. Unfortunately, as a result of this injury, he had to quit playing tennis.

 Even though he has always loved plant-based foods since he was young, he had to eat a lot of proteins (including meat) to keep up with the strenuous training. Therefore, when he couldn’t play tennis anymore, he didn’t find that hard to transition to a fully vegan lifestyle. His favorite foods are tropical fruits like papayas, watermelons, and mangoes. He still works out, though, but just for fun and not as intense as during his career as an athlete.

Personal life and relationships

Miles Kasiri is currently dating Jill, a fellow YouTube star who runs the channel, Jilicious Journey. She is also a vegan and a model and has around 51,000 subscribers on her channel. They have been dating for roughly three months, but they have known each other for some time.

Miles Kasiri has also reported having anxiety issues, food disorders, depression, and other health conditions, which may have made him hesitate to start a relationship, but he seems to be getting through that with healthy food and exercise. Based on one of his live streams, he did seem to have plans to have kids, but it’s not clear if currently have kids from previous relationships. He also pointed out that he shall instill a vegan lifestyle to his children at an early age.

Professional Career and road to fame

Healthy Crazy Cool switched to a vegan lifestyle in 2016 and even shared a video about how juice can reduce high blood pressure. I one interview, he said that he decided to go fully vegan since most chronic diseases are associated with meat products. He agrees that a plant-based diet is the best way to minimize the damage to our planet and reverse some of the chronic diseases.

He is also a trained and certified nutritionist. However, he stays away from sharing nutritional tips and often shares content in the form of comedy (heart-to-heart), to inspire people to enjoy food. His YouTube channel has now grown to more than 200,000 subscribers. He is also referred to as the “tahini king” due to his love for tahini.

Miles Kasiri’s Character

Unlike some vegan YouTubers, Miles Kasiri is not an extreme activist against meat products. He makes his videos fun and teaches people how to enjoy vegan food. He has a great way of describing food that makes even the most simple foods (like potato salad) look really cool. However, he often disagrees with vegans who tend to “force” their diets and routines to other people.

He’s known to consume a lot of fruits and sometimes his diets contain a lot of fat than what some vegans recommend. In one interview, he claimed that he doesn’t calculate the calories and fats in the foods since he “knows his body” and knows what works for him. And as a result of this, he has been involved in scuffles with fellow YouTuber’s, like the one with Abbey Sharp. We can’t dive much into this fiasco, but Abbey allegedly doctored her review of Miles to suit her argument. Even though Miles called her out, he did it as respectfully as possible.

Despite throwing around a few curse words when addressing those he disagrees with, Miles doesn’t come off as a violent or aggressive person. His favorite YouTuber’s are Ricky Thompson and Denzel Dion, showing that he is a fun-loving guy, so to speak. 

He also supports the idea of athletes going vegan. This is clear in a response he gave about the Game Changer’s Movie, a movie about athletes who made it on a vegan diet. Having been a professional athlete himself, he believes that an athlete can succeed on a plant-based diet. However, he does point out that some people in the documentary were models, not necessarily athletes.

What are his days like?

He spends most of his time filming and editing videos for his channel, but this is after his regular workout. His workouts involve weight lifting, swimming, or circuit training. When it comes to food, I mentioned earlier that he eats lots of fruits throughout the day. But he also includes whole-foods into his meal. For instance, his post-workout smoothie would consist of;

  • hemp seeds for fat
  • frozen mangoes
  • frozen bananas
  • hemp protein
  • kales or spinach
  • flaxseed for omega-3 and proteins
  • coconut water

For lunch, he can consist of;

  • Tofu, lentils, and chickpeas for proteins.
  • Quinoa and sweet potatoes for carbohydrates
  • Avocado and hemp for fatty acids.

He’s not a fan of vegan junk food and snacks, but besides fruits, he can sometimes get a vegan protein bar, vegan burger, or vegan pizza. He also recommends seeds as a snack. Miles also recently announced that he’s back to traveling all over the world. It’s just to pick up where he left off since he traveled a lot during his tennis career.

Miles Kasiri’s Net Worth

According to the Statsmash calculator, Miles’ channel has had 11.8 million views since it was started in 2015 and has a net worth of $56,000. Bear in mind this is the approximate income from the channel, details about his income from other sources aren’t available at the moment.

To follow him and try out some of his recipes (he is really good at what he does), you can check his channel – Health Crazy Cool.

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