How to Prepare Your Local Park for a Vegan Food Festival

Vegan festivals encourage others to consider adapting to this lifestyle. Festivals allow the public to have a fun experience as they learn more about veganism and its benefits. Preparing the food festival site is an exciting and exhausting task. The effort can take several weeks to complete, so begin preparations early.


Devise a Layout


Start by visiting the site and walking through. Make a map of how to divide the park for the festival. Most events need a craft or shopping area, a section for speakers and other live performances, and a food court. The festival may also need a children’s play space, an information booth, or a spot for games or other features. Measure and map these areas to determine the lighting, paths, and fencing needs. Remember to include a section for equipment, dumpsters, and bathrooms.


Locate Necessary Equipment


Reserve any rental items early to ensure their availability. Some things needed can include tables, chairs, tents, and staging. The individual areas can have no division between them or may need ropes or temporary fencing to separate them visually. Consider the number of guests and staff expected. Ensure the park has adequate restroom facilities for the crowd or rent as many portable toilets as needed.

Electricity is a priority. Consider any necessary additional lighting for safety reasons. Get an estimate of what everyone needs for food preparation and the stage area. Calculating the requirements will ensure you bring in enough generators to power everything for the duration of the event. Many festival organizers hire professionals to calculate and set up the necessary equipment for safety reasons and to guarantee adequate power.


Prepare the Setting


How early the team will have access to the grounds for the setup will vary based on what events other groups may have reserved at the park. Try to get in as soon as possible to remove litter and examine the property for holes or other concerns that may cause tripping hazards. Have the grass mowed and trimmed for more comfortable walking and for appearance. Ensure the walkways do not have loose rock or pavement that could cause an accident.


Set up trash bins and recycling areas first to ensure people can find them easily throughout the park to make cleanup easier. Install any portable toilets to have them available during setup in a discrete but easy-to-access area. Put up the barriers and bring in tables, booths, and tents. Install any additional lighting and other electrical equipment.


Finalize the Preparation


Set up a booth or trailer for the festival headquarters. A base gives the volunteers and participants a place to go for assistance or information. The booth can also be a lost and found and an information area for anyone with questions about the festival or the vegan lifestyle.


Install the signage directing the crowds to the various sections and advertise all the available features and resources at the festival. Use signage to list the festival days and hours, any special announcements, or other information needed.

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