The Vegan Zombie (Chris Cooney) Bio, Facts & Info

The Vegan Zombie (Chris Cooney) Bio, Facts & Info
The Vegan Zombie YouTube Channel

The Vegan Zombie (Chris Cooney) remains one of YouTube’s biggest vegan stars. He began his YouTube channel with his colleague and friend, Jon Tedd, and they have gone on to amass over one hundred and eighty thousand channel subscribers. Chris Cooney is an astute vegan. He got introduced to the vegan world by his martial arts teacher when he—Chris, was fourteen. Chris became completely meat-free overnight and has gone on to preach veganism to an ever-expanding YouTube audience.

Chris Cooney was born and raised in Syracuse, in 1967, and he released the Vegan Cook book: The Vegan Zombie, alongside his friend and co-star, Jon Tedd.

Basic Facts – The Vegan Zombie

  • Full Name – Chris Cooney
  • Date of Birth – January 25, 1976.

Vegan or Vegetarian?

Chris Cooney, as seen in most of his YouTube videos, is essentially vegan. While it is certain that he must have begun as a vegetarian, Cooney has grown into an astute vegan and a vegan cook. Cooney believes that animal products are not food; hence, they should not be eaten. On his YouTube channel, Chris consistently releases videos that teach people how to make super-delicious vegan dishes, and accept and live the vegan lifestyle.

The Vegan Zombie: Cook and Survive

The Vegan Zombie: Cook and Survive

In March 2014, Chris Cooney, alongside co-star, Jon Tedd, released the much-anticipated cook book: The Vegan Zombie: Cook and Survive. The book, a fun to read book, with simple and beautiful vegan recipes, was well received. The cookbook is a collection of more than 85 vegan recipes. Chris Cooney aimed at teaching simple recipes that would be easy to make: he achieved this by imagining an apocalyptic world where man would be left with nothing but plants, legumes, nuts, and bare essentials for food. The book generated mostly positive reviews from readers and critics and is regarded as a must-read for both new and seasoned vegans.

The Vegan Zombie: Cook and Survive, remains one of the most popular vegan cookbooks ever written. It is credited for its simplicity, lifelines, and general reader enjoyment. 

YouTube Channels

The Vegan Zombie

Chris Cooney founded the Vegan Zombie channel to teach people how to make all sorts of vegan recipes. The channel also explores travel, the vegan lifestyle, shopping, and reviews, and is splashed with the zombie theme. Chris, alongside his partner, Jon Tedd, has grown the channel to over one hundred and eighty thousand youtube followers, and have become the number one channel for everything vegan.

Chris Cooney

Chris Cooney is a second YouTube channel created by Chris to complement his first one—The Vegan Zombie. According to Cooney, the channel is home to behind the scene videos, tutorials, fitness training, and all other kinds of stuff he may not want to post on his primary youtube channel. Chris Cooney channel now has over sixteen thousand subscribers and tens of videos.


Chris Cooney is a vegan. He does not eat meat, nor does he consider any animal product as food. He has dedicated his time, effort, and knowledge to spread the vegan philosophy. One thing that stands out about Chris Cooney and his friend, Tedd: they often take a grimy; yet, simplistic approach in making their videos. Their fun-filled, energetic, and loveable character makes veganism appealing to a wider audience.

Is Chris Cooney Married?

No, Chris Cooney is not married. Chris has managed to keep his personal life and affairs private. While he is certainly unmarried, it remains to be seen if he is in a relationship or not.

What else does chris teach?

Fitness: Chris Cooney has released tons of videos that pertain to fitness and wellness. Of course, most of his fitness trainings are usually heavily dependent on the choice of food one makes. Essentially, he teaches that if you can watch what you eat, you should have absolutely no problem losing extra weight.

Positivity: Chris Cooney is an amazing dude; he is fun to be around; he often talks about the apocalypse and zombies, and sometimes, he may give you tips on how you can fend off a zombie attack.

Cooking: Chris Cooney isn’t just a great vegan; he is also a great cook. He is responsible for tens of unique vegan recipes. His YouTube channel does a great job teaching people how to make amazing recipes and still enjoy tasty foods—even as vegans. If you are looking to picking up cooking tips, Chris is your guy.

Motivational Speaker: Chris is not your everyday motivational speaker, but he has inspired hundreds of thousands of people to stay true to their vegan-decision. He is not the “you can do anything” type of guy; rather, he explores solutions and gives detailed tutorials on how to achieve things (say, losing weight, becoming a vegan, cooking vegan recipes).

Writer: Obviously, Chris is a writer—and a good one at that. His book, “The Vegan Zombie: Cook and Survive” is a testament to his writing skills.

Editor and Designer: If you subscribe to Chris’s second YouTube network: Chris Cooney, you will be treated to behind-the-scenes videos and pictures of Chris in action. Chris Cooney has directed, written, shot, and edited some of the videos in his channel. He constantly churns out great content at a rapid rate.

What is Chris Cooney Net Worth?

According to Celebrity Net Worth, Chris Cooney is worth between $100,000 and $1,000,000. The figure euphemizes, “We have no idea.” Chris Cooney’s net worth has not yet been estimated to a single figure; however, from his book sale, YouTube channel earnings, and other extra advertisements and reviews he does, Chris definitely can hold his own.

Birth Sign



Chris Cooney is associated with the Cheap Lazy Vegan—another YouTube channel dedicated to making videos about vegan recipes and the vegan lifestyle.

Chris builds his vegan lifestyle concept around “zombies and apocalypse.” He often talks about zombie attacks and how people can survive when they have only little to live by. His apocalyptic—and zombie, theme has endeared him to many readers. For example, his cook book, “The Vegan Zombie: Cook and Survive,” is professionally designed with still-animations and video links.

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