10 Comebacks for Vegans who are being Attacked

10 Comebacks for Vegans who are being Attacked

If you are a Vegan, you know that you are a minority living in a majority of meat eaters in the world. You need comebacks for vegans that are being attacked.

Many times, strangers, friends or family will criticize your diet choices and it can be tiring to have to explain yourself again and again. You will often find yourself in award situations and debates having to answer the same questions over and over again.

Today we bring you 10 comebacks for vegans who feel like they are being attacked. We chose to use speedy responses that will be respected by the person you are argueing with as the goal is to make them understand and accept your viewpoint, rather then be offended.

1. Where do vegans get their protein?

It has been said that Vegans have the same if not higher levels of protein in their blood compared to their omnivore friends. There are plenty of high protein plant foods such as nuts and legumes. Plants are also said to have all the essential amino acids and can be converted and used efficiently by the human body.

2. Plants feel pain so you might as well hurt animals since it’s the same

Let’s quickly debunk the myth that plants feel pain. Plants simply do not have a central nervous system and cannot have a pain response like an animal would. Plants do react to stimuli like sunlight, being touched and damaged but that does not mean they are having feelings emotions and ultimately pain.

3. Vegans can’t get enough of specific nutrients like Iron

One of the arguments against veganism is that vegans are nutrient deficient. Let’s take Iron for an example, one of the nutrients that omnivores claim vegans cannot possibly get. The academy of dietetics and nutrition states that appropriately planned vegan diets are healthful, nutritionally adequate, and may provide health benefits for the prevention and treatment of certain diseases.

You can also reference this list of Vegan foods that are high in Iron if ever in doubt. Apps like Chronometer which calculate your daily nutrient intake can be helpful when defending your vegan diet.

4. Vegans think they are so superior

Do vegans actually think they are morally superior or are we just passionate about our lifestyle? Is a group of annoying people really worth it for you to not do the right thing? Do you feel like you are morally superior to a criminal?

5. Humans have canine teeth so we are designed to eat meat

This is a fallacy that can be easily debunked. Human canines in reality are more flat and incapable of tearing through raw flesh. Humans exhibit herbivorous traits like have no claws and a bad sense of smell.

6. Animals are not sentient beings like humans are

It is just ridiculous to claim that Animals are not sentient beings like human beings are. If we look at the definition of sentience then it is clear that Animals are sentient. “Sentience is the capacity to feel, perceive, or experience subjectively.” All mammals and birds have consciousness and perceive the world in their own way.

7. Animals are humanely slaughtered

An animal cannot be humanely slaughtered as they cannot be killed against their will. Most animals are killed when they are young and clearly the Animal industrial farming industry is unethical. Watch some of our favorite vegan documentaries to see for yourself.

8. What if you were stranded on a deserted island you would have to eat animals

If there are animals on that island then I simply will eat what the animals are eating. But seriously, this is a very specific and unlikely situation that does not apply to Veganism as a whole.

9. Vegans are weak

Yeah right, just show this this person any Vegan bodybuilder like Hench Herbivore or Brian Turner and their opinion will change rapidly!

10. Animals are killed while farming plants anyway

When you look at the facts, animal farming causes more deaths then animals killed during the process of growing plants. Animal deaths are also higher per calorie in animal foods then plant foods. Ultimately, nobody is perfect and Veganism is about reducing the amount of harm you contribute to animals.

We hope you find use in these easy comebacks for vegans!

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