2020 Buyer’s Guide: 5 Vegan Multivitamins to Supplement Your Plant-Based Diet

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Eating a plant-based diet can be a very rewarding and healthy lifestyle, and it’s gaining in popularity. Last year, the sales of plant-based foods jumped by 11 percent. 

While many versions of plant-based eating offer near total nutrition, it can be tricky to make sure you or your loved ones are getting all of the vital nutrients you need, while on a plant-based diet. Plant-based is a catch-all term and means that someone is eating most unprocessed plant foods, and little-to-no animal products. 

It’s important for those eating plant-based diets to ensure they’re getting their proper nutrition, and there are plenty of vegan multivitamins on the market. We’ve rounded up a list of 5 vegan multivitamins to supplement your plant-based diet. They’re all available at HiLife Vitamins, a leading retailer of thousands of trusted vitamin and supplements. 

Megafood, Vegan B12

B12 can be a common deficiency for people who are eating plant-based, and who are eating little or no animal products. B12 is important in the production of our red blood cells, and the functions of our nervous system, but it’s only naturally occurring in animal products, such as meats, fish, eggs, and dairy. 

This supplement from Megafood is designed to help your body’s natural energy stores, natural alertness, and overall well-being.

DEVA, Vegan 1-A Day Multi, Iron Free

This vegan multivitamin gives you the essential vitamins and minerals your body needs. DEVA nutrition offers this high potency, balanced multivitamin formula especially designed for vegans and vegetarians. It contains additional B12, is 100% animal free, and certified vegan. 

It also includes no iron, for people who are looking for an iron-free vegan multivitamin.

Solaray, Vegan Digestaway Plant Enzymes

This ultra-strength Super Digestaway supplement is a unique blend of plant-based enzymes, which is designed to enhance nutritive support for optimized digestion. It is designed with a broad pH range, and digestive support blend which can help your body better assimilate food.

Veglife, Vitamin B-Complex, Vegan

This B-complex supplement is formulated with an optimal balance of B-vitamins, in a formula that is 100% vegan. Each serving gives you Vitamin B12, Vitamin B6, Folic Acid, as well as Biotin. These ingredients may also help support you heart and cardiovascular health, as well as your cognitive function and energy production.

Life Extension, Estrogen for Women

This estrogen supplement is designed to help support female hormone health. Estrogen for Women is plant-based, and can help against menopausal discomforts, as well as support healthy estrogen metabolism. 

Each serving delivers soy isoflavones, calcium, and other powerful botanicals such as broccoli, licorice, and concentrated hops extracts. In particular, the super-concentrated broccoli extract promotes healthy estrogen metabolism and promotes the healthy division of cells.

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