10 Things you didn’t know about Vegan Bodegacat

10 Things you didn't know about Vegan Bodegacat
Source: YouTube

Rebecca Doudak, also known as Vegan Bodegacat on YouTube and Instagram is a popular Vegan influencer living in NYC who creates great content about plant based food, lifestyle and fun. Let’s take a fun minutes to learn some facts about this amazing human being!

1. Rebecca’s boyfriend is Berto Kalkins

Vegan Bodegacat is dating Berto Kalkins, also known as Whats Good Berto? on YouTube. Roberto is Vegan athlete with a popular Vegan YouTube channel with over 17.8k subscribers focusing on fitness, food Yoga. Berto is more popular on Instagram with 50k subscribers.

2. What is her favorite kind of Tofu?

In a question and answer video, Vegan Bodegacat confirms that her favorite Tofu is extra firm. She only will use silken Tofu to make vegan protein pudding. I would have to agree with Rebecca about extra firm Tofu as there are so many recipes you can make with it and the texture is great.

3. Does she have a favorite Vegan Salad Dressing?

Rebecca mentions that she pretty much uses the same Vegan salad dressing on most of her salads. To make the dressing, take one tablespoon of tahini, one tablespoon of water, a little squeeze of lemon, a little pinch of salt, a half a teaspoon of dijon mustard and whisk it all together.

4. Is Vegan Bodegacat a Fruitarian?

A couple of her friends are fruitarian but Vegan bodega cat confirms that she eats a wide variety of vegan foods. She really does not think that only eating fruit is health or sustainable.

5. Least Favorite Vegan Food

Rebecca mentions that she really is not a fan of jackfruit mock meats. It is just too musy for her and has never had a great experience. She does like to eat mock meat in general but just not the kind made with jackfruit.

6. Vegan bodegacat’s Favorite restaraunt?

Orchard Grocer located on the lower east side is her favorite vegan deli in New York City. Their specialty is filling sandwiches and modern vegan pantry items. The best part about this restaraunt is that they are 100% free of palm oil, which has been shown to be harmful to consume.

7. Would she raise her kids Vegan?

Rebecca says that if she ever has kids she would raise them Vegan but she would do a ton o fresearch about nutrition, kids and veganism before jumping in.

8. What languages can she speak?

Rebecca is bi-lingual and can speak English and Arabic. She can understand 3 dialects of arabic.

9. What is the one non-vegan food Vegan bodegacat misses?

Rebecca really misses blue cheese. She has tried many vegan blue cheese alternatives but none of them are the same. She really loved blue cheese dressing when she was not vegan

10. How did her family react to her going Vegan?

Her family did not care when she went vegan and as time went on they grew more bothered. Now they are nice about it but the rest of the family is not vegan. She would never go back to eating meat and dairy and cannot think of a situation that would make her.

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