Being Spritual – My appoach to a balanced life

being spiritual my approach

Living a spiritual life and being spiritual comes with great responsibility.  I’m not merely referring to finding the time of day to meditate and pray, or get out and experience nature, which are both great things to do.  I’m talking about how we treat one another.  Is it the way God would have us do?  For me, being spiritual is an ongoing experience that involves everything around me.  Being in tune with God helps me to be the best person I can be, live according to His will, respect the Earth, take care of myself, and spread His love by helping others. 

Being Spiritual is a Journey

It has taken me many years and the help of others to develop this way of thinking. And I’m still not perfect. I am very grateful for where I am today.  I have been through many ups and downs, but I seem to have pulled through every time.  It isn’t money, property, or job-status that makes me successful.  I simply rate my level of achievement based on where I’ve been and where I am now.  Furthermore, it would not be reasonable for me to use others as a measuring stick for my success. 

Being spiritual can’t be seen from the outside

Some may appear to have it all together on the outside, but that image may not provide an accurate account of what’s going on inside.  My image is not of much importance to me either.  It is how I feel that tells me that I am heading in the right direction.       

In the past year or so I have acquired a new attitude about life.  I am no longer concerned with the adolescent ideals of modern television shows.  MTV is not how I gauge my degree of existence.  Their “Real World” does not line up with mine.  My current idols are the people closest to me.  Those who freely give themselves to others, top that list. 

My family and friends all exhibit this altruistic quality.  They would give their last dollar if it meant helping somebody. I often ask myself, “Have I helped someone recently?”  Every day there are opportunities to be of use to people.  Have I been aware of my usefulness today?  When I offer myself to another, I am only doing what God would do for me.  He helps me back on my feet when I fall down, so why wouldn’t I offer the same love to others?  It is the random acts of kindness that keep this world turning. 

You can’t teach spirituality

Spirituality and being spiritual cannot be taught.  It is not an academic quest that 4 or even 6 years in school will cover.  I believe that it is an experience that starts deep within our souls and extends to the edges of the universe.  Spirituality knows no boundaries.  It is ongoing and everlasting.  It is not measured by what building you worship in or what God you pray to.

Being spiritual is all powerful and we are just a small part of the big picture.  We are not meant to understand it.  In most cases, we are better off not attempting to comprehend it.  Just stay connected and God will have you covered! If you enjoyed this reading, please share it with the ones you love using buttons below.

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