Hench Herbivore Vegan Bodybuilder Wiki, Bio & Facts

Hench Herbivore Vegan Bodybuilder Wiki, Bio & Facts
Source: YouTube

Hench Herbivore who goes by the real name Paul Kerton is a Vegan bodybuilder and YouTuber located in the UK. He started bodybuilding 25 years ago and focuses on health and fitness while maintaining a plant based diet. He is now 46 years old and looks fit and healthy for his age. Here are 10 facts about Hench Herbivore so you can get to know the guy better!

1. He is a vegan personal trainer and nutritionist

Hench Herbivore has a personal training and nutrition consulting business where he works with clients to meet their vegan health and fitness goals on a one to one basis. The services include meal plans, coaching, motivation adn workout plans. Paul has achieved great results with his clients and has several positive testimonials on his website. He works around 20 hours a week with clients.

2. He is not a fan of intermittent fasting

Paul does not really believe in intermittent fasting as he is constantly looking to eat low calorie, nutrient dense foods around the clock in order to hit all his macro and micronutrient requirements. It would be really hard for him to eat all the food he needs and once and would rather have protien and nutrients drip at a constant rate every day. He is not fully against intermittent fasting and some of his clients actually have success using it for fat loss.

3. He has a large following on social Media

If you take a look at his social stats, you will see that Paul has a huge following. On YouTube he has over 50,000 followers, 28,000 followers on instagram, 4,000 on Twitter and 15,000 on Facebook. Paul uses his platform to spread his awareness about vegan compassion and fitness.

4. He promotes several Vegan Products

Herbivore is an ambassador for several vegan products and you will see him offer discount codes in his YouTube Videos. Most notably, he is an affiliate for Vivolife Vegan Protein and Honest Hemp CBD Oil. He loves these two products and claims that they really help with his recovery and the CBD specifically helps him relax and feel great overall.

5. He fires back at anti-vegans and vegan trolls

Kerton has a great series on his YouTube Channel where he fires back and debunks at anti-vegans who regularly appear in his comment section to bash veganism and his way of life. Hench Herbivore employs humor, data and a great sense of humor to battle with the people who critize his lifestyle.

6. He had poor vision before switching to a vegan diet

Paul mentions that he was “blind as a bat” before adopting his plant based lifestyle. When he visited his ophthalmologist (eye doctor) the physician was impressed how much his eye sight had improved after eating vegan for a period of time.

7. He used to be a doorman

Paul used to be a head doorman working in various bars and clubs around the UK. He admits that he was a hot head and got into some arguements and and confrontations with people but since changing to a plant based vegan diet, his demeaner is more calm and focused. He admits he even used to take anabolic steroids and is happy he was able to turn his life around.

8. Favorite vegan meal

Hench Herbivore’s favorite meal is a tomato based Indian curry. He loves a good spiced meal that has some heat to it.

9. What is his workout routine?

Paul does a mixute of bodyweight and bandwork since gyms are not open yet due to the pandemic. He does an upper body push, upper body pull and legs twice per week. This totals 6 days on, 1 day off. When the gyms open back Paul will go back to individual body part splits. This means he will workout 5 days each body part once per week with high intensity.

10. What is Hench Herbivore’s diet like?

Paul is a believer that you need a mix of carbohydrates, plant fats, grains, fruits and vegetables and that you should not eliminate any major plant food group. He follows a balanced vegan diet.

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