6 Easy Ways to Find Vegan-Friendly CBD Products

The term “vegan” can often be confusing, as it is a word that means different things to different people. For some, veganism is simply about the food you eat and what goes into your body, while for others, it is an all-encompassing lifestyle choice. When purchasing any vegan-friendly products, even CBD products, you need to do research to make sure the product will work for you and your lifestyle.

1) Check the Product Label

The first thing you should always do when considering a product is to read the label. This way, you will have a better idea of what is inside and out, which may help or deter you from making a purchase. It also helps to check that the hemp-derived ingredient (e.g., hemp oil) does not contact any animal products or byproducts

2) Check the Website and/or Social Media

Their website is your go-to place if you want to learn more about a brand’s hemp ingredient sourcing. One quick way to check if they offer vegan options is to visit their homepage and look for the word “vegan.” If the term appears in a product description or anywhere else on their site, then you know it’s likely they offer products that are 100% vegan. Another quick way to check is by visiting their social media profiles; many brands will mention whether or not their products are vegan on Instagram and other platforms.

3) Check Their Certificates of Analysis and Certificates of Origin

Certificates of analysis detail the purity and potency of many natural products, including hemp. If you are hoping to find a CBD product that is 100% vegan, be sure to check for this certificate on the hemp oil packaging or any other premade CBD products. If there happens to be a certificate of analysis or any other information that states the hemp ingredient is vegan, then you know it’s safe to consume.

4) Look for Vegan-Friendly Terms

Many CBD brands will mention “organic” or even “vegan” on their product packaging and/or websites. However, if you are a strict vegan, look for these words and phrases before making a purchase: organic hemp oil, organic hemp extract oil, raw hemp oil, and hemp seed oil.

5) Consider the Ingredient List

Another trick to finding vegan-friendly CBD products is to take a quick look at the ingredient list on the product packaging before buying it. The ingredient list will include all of the ingredients inside the bottle, so if you see any inedible or seem otherwise suspicious, it’s best to avoid that product.

6) Look at the Expiration Date

The last way to know whether or not your favorite CBD brand offers vegan-friendly products is by simply checking the expiration date on their bottles and packaging. If you happen to find a CBD product with an expiration date that has already passed, then it’s best to throw it away or return it. Even hemp-derived CBD oil can go bad over time, so you should check the label every 6 months to see if the expiration date is near/gone. Finally, you can visit: thecbdistillery.com for more details.

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