5 Vegan Social Influencers you should know

5 Vegan Social Influencers you should know

Vegan social influencers are prevalent and here to stay. In today’s society, there is nothing more important than staying up to date on trendy movements and icons throughout our world. Throughout the surge of technological advances, one platform has enabled the masses of people to be able to frequently be informed about various topics – social media.

Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, and many other platforms has inspired millions of Americans to showcase their innovative lifestyles. At no point in history has information like this become readily available.

One particular trend in light of the obesity epidemic in the United States, has been the introduction of trendy, or “faddish” diets. These diets focus on dietary restrictions in order to enable the body to shed weight at stunning speeds and post impressive body changes – all documented on social media itself. As it stands, one of the more popular diets on the internet today is the “Vegan” diet.

Traditionally, veganism is defined as eating no products that can be attained from animals, or animal byproducts. This includes dairy products as well, to include cheese, ice cream, and eggs. Meat, poultry, and seafood is off limits, but you can enjoy plant-based products such as soy in order to attain a healthy amount of protein in your daily diet.

As this trend became popular, individuals on social media saw the potential it had for profit – selling their body image as a result of their dietary and lifestyle choices. While many factors go into weight loss and body image, many social media followers frequently buy into the ideas that social media “influencers” has to offer.

What is a Social Media Influencer?

What is a “social media influencer”? It is defined as someone who regularly posts their lifestyle to promote a specific product or idea. Fox Business showcased a statistic that promoted the yearly earnings of influencers, “’If you have around 100,000 followers and decent engagement, you’re probably making well over six figures a year”.

A six figure salary for posting a few pictures online with clever captions? Sign me up! Forbes magazine promoted a stat projecting that over 55% of all online purchases are made after a customer sees a picture of an influencer using it with promising results.

There are a lot of individuals claiming to have a quality life and have found a way to profit on them. By combining the vegan lifestyle and promoting it online, many influencers have began to profit on a health minded “cash cow” that average Americans are buying into. As the saying goes, the grass is always greener, in this case, the grass is a healthier lifestyle promised to be attained if you simply buy into a following online.

Who are these individuals? What makes them stand out amongst the crowd? What are the followings like for such a niche community online? Here are the five most influential, vegan promoters on social media today.

1. Avantgardevegan (Gaz Oakley)

A man that goes by the screen name “avantgardevegan”, a UK culinary vegan artist, has racked up a substantial following at only the age of 26. At such a young age, he has cultivated a large following with over 844,000 YouTube subscribers, and over 350,000 followers on Instagram. His drive to success?

On his YouTube channel, he shares videos of different vegan recipes that are easy to follow and healthy in nature. Being his main channel, his following has spilled over to his Instagram where he shares different recipes and promotes his YouTube channel in return.

On his channel, you can expect to see different ideas such as vegan Christmas cookies, and vegan bacon. He has certainly showed the world that it is possible to have a diet that is fun, delicious, and healthy.

2. Mena Massoud

Another prolific vegan influencer, Mena Massoud – an actor that gained popularity upon the release of Disney’s live action feature “Aladdin” is a proud vegan. The actor’s social media has brought attention and fame to his dietary lifestyle with an impressive 80,000 followers on Instagram.

He has used his fame through is acting career to promote a healthy lifestyle for his fans. He can be seen showcasing fruitful images of delectable deserts that are entirely vegan.

3. Genesis Butler

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Hi everyone! I hope you are all well and safe! I took a break from everything for a couple of weeks since I’ve been at home and out of school. I enjoyed my time with my rescue dogs and my family. I’m going to take rest of this time at home to learn to play the piano and I’m going to focus on how I can best help animal sanctuaries during this time. Please follow my nonprofit page on Instagram @genesisforanimals for updates and I will be highlighting sanctuaries from around the world. I’m also going to make an announcement later today about a new worldwide youth movement I will be leading to help the planet and the animals. I hope everyone stays safe. We are going be alright. Just keep the faith and keep being amazing. . . My official logo was created by @albaparis

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Veganism is not always used as a result of being health minded however, many critics of Veganism claim that it is impossible for users to consume an adequate amount of protein for their lifestyle to continue healthily. Some individuals, use this diet as a result of activism in order to change the planet. A young, talented, and famous influencer, 12-year-old Genesis Butler has had a interesting career before her teen years have even begun.

Currently, she uses her vegan Instagram account to promote animal rights group such as PETA in order to gain traction to prevent the abuse of animals killed for consumption. While many users may not find recipes and inspirational food ideas, her page is a unique refresher for why many users decide to embark on a vegan journey in the first place.

4. Veg MD – Dr. Michelle McMacken

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This week, I got test results back for one of my patients, a young woman in her 20s who I met last summer. She hadn’t seen a doctor in years, but she felt fine and just wanted a regular checkup. I learned that she smoked cigarettes and had a family history of type 2 diabetes. . I went over our allotted appointment time (yup, a bad habit of mine ????) talking about lifestyle changes to help her get healthier & prevent diabetes, especially quitting smoking and moving towards a plant-based diet. . Her initial bloodwork showed a very elevated blood sugar (hemoglobin A1c near 9.0%) and I diagnosed her with type 2 diabetes. I explained that she would almost certainly be able to improve, and possibly even reverse, her type 2 diabetes by adopting a healthful plant-based diet and becoming more physically active. . I offered her the choice of lifestyle changes, medicines, or a combination of the two, depending on how much she thought she could change. She said she was motivated to eat differently and wanted to try that first. . Fast forward 8 months. She quit smoking. She started working out. And it took her some time, but she adopted a completely plant-based diet. This week her hemoglobin A1c came back below 7.0%, almost out of the type 2 diabetes range. (All this while eating sweet potatoes, fruits, oatmeal, brown rice, quinoa, and beans…plus of course lots of veggies.) . Moments like this are why I went to med school. It isn’t the most dramatic transformation story in terms of the numbers. But it’s dramatic in terms of the fact that many doctors and patients don’t even know that something like this is possible. . I am a primary care doctor seeing patients from all walks of life. Very few of them know before they meet me how passionate I am about nutrition. They just think they’re seeing a “regular” doctor. I love giving people a chance to change. To me, it’s not diet vs medications — it’s a dialog and a relationship, and seeing what’s right for each individual person. But few people escape my office without a conversation about food, because it’s so fundamental to health. . On this #nationaldoctorsday, here’s to more of us making that connection.

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What are the health risks involved with going vegan? As a result of many critics voicing their opinions in going vegan, Dr. Michelle McMacken, aka “veg_md” has showcased the health benefits the diet has in reversing chronic disease.

With an impressive 120,000 followers on Instagram, users are reminded that what they’re doing is not only good for the environment, but health minded as well. On her page she is seen giving medical benefits while showcasing healthy but delectable recipes.

5. The Buddhist Chef

Finally, all religions can take part in the health crazed fad of veganism. A Buddhist monk by the screen name “the_buddhist_chef” has taken social media by storm promoting his healthy eating choices can co-exist in a heavily restricted religious controlled life.

His instagram showcases over 300,000 followers and frequently spends all time of his days concocting new ideas and recipes to showcase with his followers to mimic popular dishes that feature meat byproducts. He also documents his travels and his religion through his page, offering his followers a unique experience with delicious treats as well.

Conclusion – Vegan Social Influencers

Overall, social media is here to stay in today’s society. Influencers and brands have figured out a way to profit off of lifestyle choices and attempting to change the lives of the masses. While not all of us desire to change our lives and become vegan, as long as one person’s life is changed as a result – it is a success.

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