3 Surprising Ways You Can Reduce Food Waste

Did you know that more than 40 million tons of food are discarded every year in the US only? This massive amount of food is valued at nearly $160 billion. You probably waste a few pounds of food every week too and this should prompt you to think about ways to reduce food waste.

Fortunately, there are a lot of food waste solutions out there. Reducing food waste will save money, time, resources, and prevent a lot of tons of food from getting into landfills. Keep reading to learn how you can minimize food waste in your household.

1. Store Fruit and Vegetables Properly

Some fruits and vegetables can decay and rot quickly, especially if stored improperly. For example, make sure to never let apples, bananas, and oranges in direct sunlight on the counter. You should place them in a cool place or cover them with a clean towel.

If you want to store mushrooms in the fridge, make sure that you put them in a paper bag to prevent mold. Asparagus should be stored in a glass of water in the fridge.

To keep it fresh for longer, you should put a plastic bag over it. Peaches and plums should be left to ripen fully on your kitchen table before you store them in the fridge. Simple things like these can significantly reduce food waste at home.

2. Put Things in the Freezer as Soon as You Get Home

Frozen veggies or other ready meals are quickly perishable. You are taking them out of a commercial freezer when you buy from supermarkets and they need to be put back in your freezer as soon as possible. The problem is that many people forget about this and that’s how food is wasted.

For example, after you have come home with frozen foods, just wash your hands and put them in the freezer. Don’t turn on the TV, don’t talk on the phone or do something else. The longer you wait, the higher is the chance for these foods to perish. Check out the following link to learn more about proper food waste disposal.

3. Don’t Buy Foods If They Expire in a Few Days

Some foods out there have a very short expiry date. Spinach and mushrooms are good examples in this case. They can only last for a few days and if they are not consumed quickly enough, they begin to decay. 

If you like these foods, buy them and use them in meals on the same day. If you don’t plan on cooking that day, simply skip these foods. It’s easy to buy such foods and leave them in the back of the fridge, only to discover that they perished after a week.

At the same time, you could opt for the same types of foods, but choose the frozen variety. Frozen food can be stored for months if the right temperature and humidity levels are met. Frozen spinach, for example, is as healthy as a fresh one and it can be bought from most supermarkets.

Now You Know How to Reduce Food Waste

These are a few simple ways you can try to reduce food waste. Planning your meals in advance and sticking to your diet plan will not only help you reduce food waste, but also save some money and time.

For more useful tips and tricks related to cooking and storing vegan foods, make sure that you check out the other articles on our website. 

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