13 Awesome Vegan Friendly Cities to Visit

vegan friendly cities infographic

The vegan lifestyle has been rapidly taking over America and continues to grow in 2020! Here is a list of some of the most vegan friendly cities:

Ann Arbor, MI

Ann arbor is a very progressive city. Even places that don’t have vegan offerings are willing to bend their menus to make a vegan diner happy. Servers are aware ofwhat is in the dishes they are serving and are able to let people know what is vegan, gluten free, soy free or nut free. It is a safe place to eat.

Minneapolis, MN

Minneapolis is among the cities with the most per capita natural foods stores! They have a 100% vegan store called Ethique Noveau, where purchases benefit the animal rights coalition. Finally, the presence of compassionate action for animals, one of the most reputable and effective animal rights organizations in the country, makes Minneapolis great for vegans!

Seattle, WA

The home of Field Roast & Mighty-O Donuts! Seattle’s been vegan since before you knew what vegan was, and they’ve got it all– A vegan grocery store that is a non-profit where all proceeds go to a pig sanctuary: Sidecar For Pigs Peace. A vegan shoe store that also sells vegan chocolate: The Chocolate Shoebox. Plug great vegan places to eat from classy to dive!

Asheville, NC

Despite its small size, this city has a number of vegan offerings. There are wonderful vegan restaurants downtown such as laughing Seed and the majority of the restaurants downtown are very vegan friendly.

New York, NY

This foodie city is a great place for vegans. There’s a very diverse population which means plenty of options. A strong vegan community means there is lots of awareness even at non-vegan restaurants. Don’t forget to check out the east Village! The big city is one of the best vegan friendly cities.

Salt Lake City, UT

Many vegan restaurants and amazing markets that provide a vegan friendly shopping experience. Two amazing all vegan bakery’s! It’s easy to be vegan in SLC because of the beautiful surroundings and active lifestyle. Most people in the city are very accepting of a vegan lifestyle and many restaurants accommodate or offer a vegan menu if they are not solely vegan. It’s awesome!

Denton, TX

Denton is home to America’s first all-vegan college dining hall at university of North Texas! Plus, numerous local eateries with vegan menus including Seven Mile Cafe and Greenhouse. Great vegan community with organizations like Denton Juice Co and Denton Vegan Co-op with a vocal presence at local community events and festivals. Plus, there’s even a vegan convenience store.

Portland, OR

You can’t go too far without finding a restaurant or shop, food cart, or grocery store that in some way (or all the way caters to the vegan lifestyle). There’s even a vegan mini-mall with a ┬ábakery, grocery store, tattoo parlor and a clothing store which are all vegan.

Worcester, MA

Worcester is wicked cool and a very vegan friendly city. They’ve got a giant annual VegFest. Thousands of veg dining guides and plenty of vegan restaurants and clubs.

Denver, CO

Denver is a vegan friendly city up-and-comer! It’s home to a very active vegan and vegetarian community that is making amazing changes in the local area for vegan lifestyle development, including a totally vegan market.

San Francisco, CA

You can hardly walk down the street without bumping into either a totally vegan restaurant! Plus, San Francisco’s got a great online vegan community and offline as well.

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