The Foundations of Pure Beauty by Lorina Troy

Lorina Troy was born in hawaii. However, she also has roots in Hawaii. Because of this, you will find many tropical scents and mixtures in her collection. She is an author, founder, and CEO of Pure Beauty by Lorina. Before she created this company she acquired many years of experience in hotel management which came in handy when she decided that it was time to go onto bigger and better things. With this knowledge, she was able to create a well oiled machine and mold her company into the excellence that we see today.

She created Pure Beauty by Lorina because she had a desire to create a product that would be both healthy and life changing. She wished not only to create something that would benefit others, but also hopefully start a trend of healthier, more organic skincare and care products. Their natural and organic products are made from the purest ingredients that are all collected from natural botanicals.

Pure Beauty by Lorina carries a variety of custom style wellness and care products. They pride themselves on their vast collections of organic materials and ingredients that they infuse in a combination of different products and services. They want all of their consumers to have a, “spa-like feel.” Because everyone deserves to feel treated. Some of their relaxing organic products include their natural skincare items, which gently clean in an all purpose fashion, to more delicate specific products that they pride themselves on as being the top of the line in their area. Some of the best products that they offer however, are their candles. Which are made with 100% soy wax. These candles do a better job at enhancing your mood, relieving stress, and clearing out the environment. They not only cleanse your inner energy, but also the air that you breathe.

All of their products are handmade. They make sure to use the highest quality of natural ingredients which are hand selected. These ingredients do a better job at creating a product that bolsters the performance of their wellness products. Because of this, they are often the first choice for people looking for a better, healthier, more elevated lifestyle. Because these products are created to create a spa-like atmosphere and environment, many of their consumers have found that they can save money investing in these products rather than investing in spa trips. They have learned that the atmosphere can be cleansed at home instead, using Pure Beauty products, rather than having to pay to go visit a spa to have the same effect.

Lorina is happy and excited to share her experiences and adventure of starting a new company with her clients, buyers, and those who are investigating new products. She has full confidence in her services, and knows that anyone who is willing to try her products will see the benefits that they provide and want to come back again for more. Perhaps they will truly change the industry.

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