The 101 Guide To Boost Your Immunity

What would you do to strengthen the immune system? Overall, the immune system does an outstanding job at protecting you from disease-causing microorganisms. But sometimes that doesn’t work: a germ infiltrates the body and leaves you ill. Is it possible to interfere and raise the immune system during this process? There are n-number of ways to boost your immunity. The immune system is a set of interconnected systems, not a single body. It takes equilibrium and harmony to work properly.

Choose a safe lifestyle as the first line of protection. The single best action you can do to automatically keep your immune system running properly is to follow general good-health advice. Some of the commonly known steps that you can take to support your immunity are:

  • Say no to smoking
  • Consume a balanced diet rich in fruits and vegetables.
  • Exercise daily.
  • Maintain a balanced body mass index (BMI).
  • If you do use alcohol, do it in moderation.
  • Make sure you have enough rest.
  • Take precautions against bacteria, such as cleaning your hands regularly and carefully frying meats.
  • Make an effort to reduce the stress levels.

Healthy immune system soldiers need consistent nutrition. People who live in poverty and are malnourished are more vulnerable to infectious diseases, according to scientists. Researchers, for example, are unsure if such dietary conditions, such as refined foods or a high basic sugar intake, would hurt the immune function.

In this article, we shall talk about the different ways you can boost your immunity so that you do not easily succumb to these diseases and in light of recent events, this is something that we all will surely benefit from.

Boosting your Immunity – Do these things religiously and start from today

First things first – do not procrastinate as you will never come around to doing it. If you want to strengthen your body and up your immunity, you are going to have to do it today. It will be a long process and sometimes it might not be easy but this will help you in ways that you cannot even think of. Let’s look at some of the ways we can boost our immunity:

Make sure your gut health is on point – A lot of you may not know this but most of our immune cells live along the path of our GI (Gastrointestinal Tract). The GI constitutes a huge part of our immune system and must be in healthy condition. Around 70% of the body’s immune cells are lined up along the GI path. The lining of our GT tract contains secret antibodies and cells that work together to fight off and destroy harmful bacteria that enter our body. Our gut contains both good and bad bacteria that can either help us improve the immune system or can subject us to diseases. To maintain gut health, make sure you consume a probiotic, daily. Processed food should be avoided as much as possible, drink lots of fluids, especially water and herbal tea. Herbal teas are filled with antioxidants that prevent our body from free radicals. It is viable to check herbal tea price online and pick the right version to add to your regular diet. Besides that, you must get your stool tests done frequently.


Common cold is one of the most prevalent ailments that a lot of people suffer from. What is alarming is that the common cold acts as a gateway or a proxy for other harmful bacteria to enter or develop which leads to even more serious ailments. Common cold lowers our body immunity making it vulnerable. That is why, we should try and consume foods that contain Vitamin D and Vitamin C. Eat food that contains a lot of antioxidants, eat more greens (lettuce, collard greens, etc.) with your regular food, add mushrooms to your diet (great source of Vitamin D) and add a lot of crushed garlic to the everyday food (contains allicin that fights off infection and microbes).


Getting unfit is giving an open invitation to various diseases and ailments. A lot of people may believe that working out just makes us stronger but doesn’t help our immune system. They couldn’t be further from the truth. Working out every day (cardio exercises especially), keeps the blood flowing, keeps the joints healthy and improves the lymphatic liquid (removes toxins, bacteria and even cancer cells from our body) flow. Also, it ensures that our heart stays in a good condition. All of this comes together to build our immune system into a stronger version of itself.

Sleep enough

A lesser-known fact about the human body is that it needs rest to fend off inflammation and inflammation is one of the root causes of various infections invading our body. Our immune system largely depends on the amount of sleep that our body is getting and insufficient sleep is bound to lead to inflammation which lowers the body immunity and allows for bacterial and viral activity which in turn, affects our body adversely. That is why it is really important to sleep well and for decent hours.

Eat fruits and vegetables

If you want to boost your immunity, the first thing that you will have to do is regulate what you eat. Processed food and unhealthy food releases a lot of toxins in the body and other compounds like fats that corrode the immune system over time. Eating a lot of fruits and green vegetables can help improve your immunity. Citrus fruits like oranges are rich sources of Vitamin C that, as discussed earlier, helps to fight off infections and viruses that cause diseases.

Minimize stress

There is a saying that a healthy mind leads to a healthy body and we could not agree more. Your body will never be healthy enough or strong enough by itself if your mind is not at ease. A stressful mind will affect the body. The stress will accumulate and eventually take a toll on your body. This will lower the immunity level and make you vulnerable to several diseases. That is why you mustn’t stress yourself out. Drinking green tea, for example, reduces stress to a great extent. It also rejuvenates your body and makes it more relaxed. A beverage like this should be in your regular diet to power your mind and body. One can shop green tea leaves online and avail of the best prices, and/or discounts, and also access to multiple variants.

These are only a few things to get you started on building a stronger immune system. Get your basics right and then you can move on to more complex methods that can boost your immunity, faster and more effectively.

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