What Can a Community Do to Prevent Climate Change?

What Can a Community Do to Prevent Climate Change?

2019 was the second warmest year on record, and carbon emissions have never been higher. It’s vital that the world takes action against climate change and global warming immediately.

Fighting climate change is a battle best fought as a community effort. If you’re wondering, “what can a community do to prevent climate change?” you’re in the right place. While one person’s effort is substantial, it will take a global reach to try and curb the lasting impacts of climate change.

Why Does Climate Change Require a Community Effort?

Big global changes don’t happen overnight by one person. A large-scale issue like climate change involves many factors that need the effort of as many people as possible.

For example, if a neighborhood pushes for a better recycling program, that creates positive results. An individual choosing to recycle a plastic container also creates positive results. But the community effort is better and paves a positive future for the neighborhood.

Every effort counts, whether it’s on an individual basis or a community basis. Starting on an individual basis, such as growing your own food and opting for renewable energy, is an important first step towards group efforts.

What Can a Community Do to Prevent Climate Change?

As a global community, there are long-term steps we can take to fight climate change. These steps require patience, as the impacts won’t usually present itself immediately. But communities that work toward the following changes will make a positive mark on the environment.

Reach Out to Local Officials

Reaching out to local officials as a community makes a bigger impact. The easiest way to contact a representative as a group is to focus on a specific issue impacting your community.

Beyond local officials, contact global authorities, such as the Climate Leadership Council. The CLC has one of the broadest plans against climate change. It also aims to discourage carbon emissions by implementing carbon dividends.

Create Petitions

If you’re having trouble forming a community, petitions are a good start. Petitions that focus on a local environmental issue brings like-minded people together.

Online petitions are the easiest to distribute and are a good start. In-person petitions are the best way to naturally create a community.

Grow a Community Garden

Growing a community garden is a powerful and fun way to fight climate change as a group. There are various other benefits for the community, such as filling a vacant lot and providing food for local food pantries and shelters.

Make Local Ordinances Environmentally-Friendly

As a group, coming together to create positive ordinances, like a better recycling program, creates lasting change. It also ensures the entire town participates in the effort against climate change. 

Combating Climate Change With Communities

If you asked yourself, “what can a community do to prevent climate change?” hopefully this guide shed light on the benefits of community effort. By working together, the environment is one step closer to fighting climate change.

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