5 Ways To Use Spin Bike Shoes

5 Ways To Use Spin Bike Shoes

Spin bike shoes or cycling shoes are ideal to use by cyclists because it will help them a lot, especially during competitions. Cycling shoes provide excellent comfort since they are generally made of light, breathable materials and conform to the feet’ shape.  

Finding the best spin bike shoes for you is a challenge as you need to consider various things to get the one that will suit you. 

Finding the right cycling shoes 

Everyone wants to have the perfect shoes for any activity to feel confident and comfortable every time. Finding the right shoes will be easy and fast if you know the right way to choose. To find the best spin bike shoes for you, you have to determine the following steps: 

Determine the pedal structure of your indoor cycling bikes 

Although most spinner bikes are compatible with Shimano SPD cleats, some are compatible with SPD cleats and LOOK Delta cleats. You have to check the pedal structure of your facility. It will make your shoe searching more comfortable and faster. 

Choose the cycling shoes that will excellently go with your feet 

Find a shoe that suits you best. Try every available spin bike shoes to ensure that you will get the shoes that will give you comfort. You will never be wrong with a Shimano SPD as it is ideal with every spinner bike. It is comfortable and easy to walk with this type of shoes. However, if your facility has TRIO pedals, you may opt for LOOK delta cleats friendly shoes. Whatever you select is fine as long as you feel confident and comfortable with it.  

Choose the right cleat 

Ensure that the cleat that you will buy is compatible with your bike’s pedals. The right cleat will give you the best spinning experience. 

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How often should you replace spin bike shoes 

Spin Bike Shoes, like any other shoes, need regular replacement to ensure that you will always have a perfect pair of shoes for your cycling activities. It is recommended that you replace your cleats every three thousand to five thousand miles. However, if your cycling shoes’ condition is fine, you may still keep them and use them. 

The shoe condition, your riding style, and other activities with it dictate its useful life. 

How to know if you need cycling cleats replacement 

Your cycling activities dictate the time replacement schedule of your cleats. Just like the brake pads, cycling cleats require replacement often, especially if you use them regularly. Here is some fact that tells you that you need to replace your cycling cleats.  

  • If the cleats are hard to clip out or they clip out without you trying to 
  • If the metal brackets and springs are extremely shiny or flattened 

How to increase your cycling cleats lifespan 

It is good to know how to prolong your cycling cleats; it will help you save a little and avoid the hassle of buying a new one. Here are some ways to prolong the life of your cycling cleats. 

  • Clean your cleats every after use. Make sure that the debris is removed every time. 
  • Always check the bolts that secure the cleat to the shoe; see it fits well. 
  • Avoid walking with the cleats as possible. 


A perfect-fitting cycling shoe will make your spinning class enjoyable and comfortable. Always remember to try every spin bike shoes as possible before getting one. You need to be patient in finding the perfect cycling shoes for you. It would also help if you considered the facility you use before deciding which spin bike shoes to buy.  

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