Can you lose face fat with proper diet and exercise?

I used to be unsure about how to lose cheek fat. I really thought that unless I wanted to go under a cosmetic surgeon’s knife, there wasn’t much that could be done for my chubby cheeks. After all, isn’t the only way to get rid of puffy cheeks and a double chin to have surgery?

When researching how to lose cheek fat I discovered that surgery is not the only way. And it’s certainly not the most desirable way. But it’s easy to see why many people undergo this surgery. Despite the pain, bruising, numbness, risk of infection, and recovery time, they pay thousands of dollars for chin and cheek surgery.

Why? Appearance matters, especially the first time you meet someone. Your face is the first thing another person typically notices. If you’re unhappy with it, it will usually show in some way or another. So people who want to literally put their best face forward pay lots of money and go through lots of pain to have cosmetic surgery.

Cheek fat has a lot to do with the shape of your face and your overall appearance. Fortunately, you can find online resources that will teach you how to lose face fat without any type of surgery. Proper diet and exercising are inexpensive, painless, and don’t take much time. I think once you try it, you’ll agree that surgery simply isn’t worth it.

Sticking to a diet and exercise routine is the most natural way to lose cheek fat, especially if you are generally overweight. Of course, dieting and exercising will improve your overall health and looks at the same time. If weight is not an issue then you can simply focus on eating healthy foods and eliminating junk and toxic ones.

The second method works best when combined with the first method. This plan on how to lose cheek fat involves exercises designed to target your problem area. Facial exercises might make you feel silly as you do them, but it’s worth it considering you’ll end up with slim cheeks.

If you’re gaining weight or are a bit overweight already, facial exercises can still work for you. But if you add more fat to your body, you’re bound to add more to the facial area too, no matter what kind of exercises you’re doing. And if you’re carrying a lot of fat now, you need to lose some overall to make the process go faster.

But either way, or if you’re already lean but with chubby cheeks, facial exercises with slim the cheeks down and sculpt and contour them so that you’ll lose cheek fat and have a more sleek appearance. Don’t be fooled by creams and lotions that claim to do this like I did. Only by strengthening and tightening the muscles with facial exercises can you really lose cheek fat and change the overall shape and condition of your face.

Are exercises for facial fat loss really working?

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I’ve spent hours at the gym trying to get rid of fat on my stomach, thighs, butt, and arms. Exercise really does work wonders for these trouble spots, although I haven’t quite gotten rid of all the fat just yet. It’s the universal solution to getting rid of fat. But what about double chins or puffy cheeks? Everybody talks about butt fat or belly fat and how to get rid of it. What about facial fat loss? Is it really necessary to have surgery to get rid of these problem spots?

Fortunately, facial fat loss is possible using the same method you may use to get rid of chubby thighs. Exercising works wonders to reshape any part of your body, and your face is no exception. Similar to how exercises can tone up your stomach muscles, it can tone the muscles under your chin. You can lose fat there and tighten the muscles, slimming and lifting, all without thousands of dollars spent at the cosmetic surgeon’s and the pain and bruising of surgery, not to mention the very real risks that come with surgery.

Facial fat loss won’t happen the way you’re hoping for, no matter how many miles you run on the treadmill. To achieve the kind of look you want under your chin and in your cheeks, you need to do specific facial exercises. I’ve tried these and they’re not difficult to do at all.

Jaw exercises are your first step toward losing facial fat. I did notice that after a day or two of doing these, I could feel some soreness in the muscles in my neck and under my chin. But that’s a good sign that the exercises are working. A good jaw exercise that may give you a slight soreness all-around your face, a very mild one and goes away quickly, is to open your mouth as around and wide as you can for a few seconds and then relax it. Do it about 30 times a day, in 3 different sessions–morning, midday, and evening are good.

Another good exercise to tone a double chin and lose face fat is to smile very wide. Then tilt your head back, to left, right, and back again, all while holding the smile. Be sure your movements are smooth and fluid.

Two more exercises you can do, I found out quickly are definitely face fat exercises to do where no one can see you. Open your mouth as wide as you can, and then while holding that pose, slowly stick your tongue out. I look a little like someone’s choking me when I do this one. You can also say the vowels (A, E, I, O, U) very slowly and with exaggeration. You don’t have to say them, just move your mouth as if you are. I pretend that a lip rider many yards away is trying to see what I’m saying. Do that a few times a day and you’ll feel and see a difference quite quickly.

To really shape up your cheeks and double chin, it’s a great idea to follow a healthy diet and stick to a program of facial fat loss exercises.

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