3 Tips for Designing a Clean Space to Prepare Vegan Food

Preparing vegan food at home can be one of the most satisfying parts of your day. These delicious and nutrient-dense meals can come together even faster when you have taken the time to design a kitchen that serves your needs. A great vegan space doesn’t need a lot of fancy gadgets or even a huge investment in remodeling. A few strategic choices and key adjustments may be all you need to create the clean, healthy kitchen you have always dreamed of. When going vegan, don’t forget that the kitchen goes vegan with you!

1. Craft a Veggie Wash Station

Now that you are bringing home more produce, you will need to wash iit all correctly. Some fruits and veggies have soft exteriors; soft bristled brushes prevent bruising and excessive scraping. In contrast, tougher items like potatoes need brushes with stiffer bristles before thoroughly cleaning. There are numerous produce brushes on the market, many made of natural, renewable, or recycled materials. Choose some that fit comfortably in your hand, then find a draining basket for them to rest in when not in use.

You should also select a good produce-washing product. This will help remove any waxes or pesticides that remain on your items when they come home from the market. You don’t want any of this nasty stuff in your cooking.

2. Review Your Cooking Surfaces for Quality

How long has it been since you replaced your countertops? If you are living in an older home, they may have never been replaced. A quality prep surface makes cooking a breeze and chopping, slicing, and dicing go much faster when you have a flat, even surface to place a cutting board on. A high-quality countertop is an investment in your kitchen’s present and future; you will have an easier and more pleasant cooking experience. The great thing about quality countertops is that you benefit from them every day; very few home improvements deliver the same kind of high-value return.

3. Know How to Store Each Type of Seasonal Produce and Have an Appropriate Spot

Did you know that some veggies store best in the refrigerator, while some types of fruit should ripen naturally on the countertop? Depending on what you like to eat most, you’ll want a variety of countertop baskets and refrigerator bins. Your needs may also change with the season, so research what foods are available in your markets at different times of the year. This will help you make strategic buying choices. With the right containers, you will be ready to maximize the freshness of everything you bring home.

Vegan cooking can be fun, healthy, and budget-friendly when you have a safe, clean space to prepare your meals. With a few strategic adjustments, you’ll be ready to prepare any vegan meal and can rest assured that your space is ideal and clean for you to prepare high-quality food.

Image : DepositPhotos

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