4 Ways Technology Makes Running a Restaurant Much Easier

It can be a challenge to juggle all the different aspects of running a restaurant. From food and beverage prep to managing inventory to serving customers – there’s so much going on at any given moment! But technology platforms have made it easier for restaurants to meet customer expectations and manage their day-to-day operations with less effort.

1. Online Ordering

Thanks to the internet, customers no longer need to pick up the phone and call in their orders. More than ever before, people are using online platforms to order food from restaurants. Restaurants can also promote their delivery services on their own websites to become aware, and more orders flow in.

2. Tablet POS Systems

Many restaurants have ditched the old cash register system and adopted more modern, efficient ways to process payments. Tablet POS systems have become increasingly popular because they allow restaurant owners to eliminate paper receipts, which means less waste. Aside from better efficiency in processing transactions, these tablets can also assist with managing food inventory.

Tablet POS systems allow restaurants to streamline their operations and save time by eliminating the need for servers to enter customer orders on a physical register. Instead of writing down detailed notes on paper order pads, employees can use tablet POS systems to input orders in real-time.

3. Online Invoicing

These days, customers expect the same conveniences in restaurants that they have when ordering from other businesses. One of those conveniences is being able to pay for their bills online. Using a service like Square Invoices, restaurants can provide this option to customers so that they don’t have to wait until the end of their meals to get their bills. Not only that, but servers don’t have to manually type up invoices to focus on other tasks during the shift.

Rather than relying on the postal service or third-party billers, restaurants can do their own billing by sending customers self-branded invoices via e-mail. There are many benefits to doing online invoicing, including tracking payments more efficiently and streamlining the process to do billing more efficiently.

4. Digital Menus

The internet has made it much easier for restaurateurs to display menus online. This allows people to view menus at their own convenience, increasing foot traffic when they decide to visit your restaurant in person. Digital menus are also more convenient for printing out coupons so that customers have the opportunity to save money while supporting local businesses.

Digital menus allow restaurants to promote their daily specials, latest items, restaurant locations, and even loyalty programs without needing a printed menu. Although printed menus are still useful at times – especially for specific customers who prefer them – digital menus are becoming more popular due to their convenience.

There are many ways that technology makes running a restaurant easier. The four examples above are only the tip of the iceberg. Still, they show how making technology an integral part of your business can lead to cost savings, increased productivity, and happier customers!

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