5 Tips for a More Sustainable Home

5 Tips for a More Sustainable Home

Sustainable housing is all the rage, according to Verto Homes. With economically and environmentally sound houses popping up around the globe, if you’ve ever been interested in purchasing a green home, now is the time to act.

Jumping into the world of sustainable living can be somewhat tricky, however, since finding a ready-to-go green home can be difficult. Follow these five tips to avoid dangerous pitfalls while you’re looking for your sustainable dream house:

Get a Realtor

Finding a ready-made sustainable space can be difficult. Houses built by contractors are usually not made to be ultimately green, and often, many of the green homes on the market have been renovated by their past owners to be more sustainable. Because green homes are not the “norm,” they can be more challenging to find than your average home. Contacting a realtor who has experience in green homes can be a great asset, and there are services that can help you find a realtor in your area that can help you on your home search. Before hiring a realtor, be sure to confirm their fee and what additional services they may offer. Then narrow your search down to include only green homes in your area!

Conduct a Home Energy Audit

Like we previously stated, most green homes have been renovated to be green, as opposed to being designed that way when they were built. Because these renovations could have been done by an inexperienced homeowner or contractor, it is essential to make sure that everything is in working order and sustainable before you make your purchase.

According to the Washington Post, a home energy audit can ensure that your potential home is genuinely sustainable and green. Plus, an energy audit can help you identify potential problem areas in your home, such as draft rooms and energy waste, which might be areas you can upgrade to make your home more sustainable.

Don’t be Afraid to Upgrade

Since most homes are renovated to be green, someone has to do the renovation. If you can’t find a suitable green home in your area or find an almost-perfect-home, why not make that person you?

While renovating your house to be greener and more sustainable can be overwhelming, it isn’t as hard as some make it out to be, especially if you enlist the help of expert contractors. Something as simple as replacing your windows and adding new insulation to your walls can do a lot to decrease the amount of energy your home consumes.

Less Is More

The less house you have, the less space you have to heat. Tiny homes have grown in popularity over the years, but you don’t have to go to that extreme to make a noticeable difference in your energy consumption. Do you need that extra bedroom or playroom?

Do you need a basement for storage, or could you donate some of your belongings? Take an inventory of how much space you need, and avoid the assumption that more houses are always better.

Don’t Stop There!

Once you’ve purchased a green home or renovated your own, why stop there? Look at other areas of your life where you could be more sustainable and make less waste. Reuse and recycle. Choose sustainable vegetation for your garden and yard. Take advantage of a bicycle share program. When you let sustainable actions affect every part of your life, you can make a huge difference in your environmental impact.

Sustainable living is picking up steam, and it is likely that we will see more sustainable housing in the future, especially across college campuses and in larger cities. For now, follow these easy tips while looking for your next sustainable home or renovating your current house to be more sustainable.

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