3 Reasons Why Measurements Matter in Food Production

Whether you are cooking or baking, measuring is essential in food production. Cooking is simply the combination of perfectly measured ingredients to create the desired dish. Without the correct balance of ingredients, the final product will suffer. While some professional chefs or talented home cooks may seem able to cook without precise measurements, they all had to start somewhere. To develop a sense of proper food measurements, a cook has to rely on cups, grams, tablespoons, or other forms of measuring to understand the proportions. Here are three reasons why food measuring is critical in food production.

1- Balanced Baking

One of the forms of cooking where measurements are most critical is baking. Many will assert that baking is an exact science: just one tablespoon out of place can ruin a pastry. That’s because baking often requires complex chemical reactions to occur, and those reactions rely on precise measurements. For example, when baking cookies, the proportion of wet and dry ingredients can drastically affect the final dessert. Too much flour and the cookie may come out more cake-like than desired. Too much butter and the cookie may not rise, leaving it thin, crispy, and oily. Of course, flavor profiles and textures are entirely subjective to the person eating the dish, but in order to achieve the desired outcome, one must follow the measurement of baking instructions precisely.

2- Sufficient Seasoning

When it comes to food’s flavor, most of the secret lies in its seasoning. Even the most delicious cut of meat will probably taste bland without an appropriate amount of salt. For a new cook, it may be hard to understand how much seasoning is required in food. Too little seasoning and the dish will come out bland. Too much, and the dish will have an overpowering flavor. Now, the best advice for a new cook is to taste as you cook, but that’s not always possible. When working with raw meat, for example, it is difficult to “taste to season” your food without risking food poisoning. When this is the case, measurements are essential. Plenty of other cooks and chefs have already done the heavy lifting of determining what the best seasoning balances are for things like burgers and dumplings, and by following these recipes, you can ensure that your meal will come out tasting delicious. And, these measurements can always be adjusted to your preference in future recipes.

3- Counting Calories

Understanding how much of each ingredient goes into a dish not only affects the flavor and final product but also impacts the nutritional content. By using exact measurements and portions, you can easily estimate how many calories your dish is. This is not only beneficial for dieting, but it is also important for overall health. All adults are required to have a certain amount of protein, fat, and carbs in their daily diet, along with other micronutrients. Ensuring that your meals and dishes are measured accurately helps you get a better picture of your meals’ nutritional balance, and can help you stay healthy in the long run.

Measuring is critical in food production, from understanding nutritional value to ensuring a delicious final product. Regardless of experience, a cook will rely on their measuring tools to create a delicious dish.

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