Caitlin Shoemaker Vegan YouTuber Bio, Facts & Info (2020 Updated)

Caitlin Shoemaker Vegan YouTuber Bio, Facts & Info

Who is Caitlin Shoemaker?

Caitlin Shoemaker is a Vegan YouTube star, recipe photographer, and vegan lifestyle coach and philosopher, who is known for documenting vegan recipes, lifestyle, travels, and experiences, on her immensely popular vegan youtube channel. She was born and raised in the United States, as a vegetarian; however, in 2015, Caitlyn Shoemaker would eventually become a vegan.

Blog & Social Media Popularity

Caitlin is popular across YouTube and Instagram. On Instagram alone, she has more than three hundred and seventy thousand followers. Her Instagram page is filled with pictures of her beautiful, colorful, and mouth-watering vegan recipes. She also shows off her photography skills and treats her audience to recipes she believes should be eaten by, not just vegans, but everyone.  

Caitlin has a blog titled: From My Bowl. The blog explores Caitlin’s personal beliefs about food, vegan recipes and diet, and her growth as a vegetarian, vegan, human, and lifestyle choice.

Caitlin is also an entrepreneur. She sells cooking apparel, kitchen tools, and pantry staples on her blog and her YouTube channel.

To summarize Caitlin’s life as “vegan” might be a little bit restrictive; however, she can be regarded as a positive health-coach, vegan-cook, entrepreneur, writer, and blogger. In her own words:

“I am vegan for the animals, for the planet, and for my health. All of the recipes on this blog will always be vegan, but you don’t need to be a vegan to make them. Whether you’re fully committed to a plant-based diet or simply plant-curious, there’s a space here for you.”

Marital Status

Caitlin is not married, and at the moment, it is unknown if she is dating anyone; however, Caitlin once dated Dylan, a twenty-four-year-old massage therapist she met on Tinder when she was also twenty-four. In a YouTube video titled, “How We Met + Is He Vegan?” Caitlyn and Dylan gave some details about her relationship with Dylan.

Birth Sign

Her birth sign is Cancer.

Date of Birth

July 18, 1994 (Twenty-six years).

Caitlin Shoemaker YouTube Channel

Caitlin Shoemaker has grown her YouTube audience to seven hundred and eighteen subscribers. She frequently posts videos on vegan food recipes, health tips and tutorials, travel experiences, and general life perceptions. Caitlin is quite expressive, and her YouTube videos have a personal touch. With Caitlin’s videos, you will always feel like you are watching the girl next door.

In her channel, Caitlin also often cooks delicious, gluten-free, vegan meals that can serve as quick eat, main food or dessert. Some of her YouTube recipes are also featured in her book: From My Bowl: Simply Delicious Vegan Food.

Vegan Or Vegetarian?

Caitlin was raised as a vegetarian, but she would develop into a vegan in 2015. She openly expresses her vegan views and ideas on her blog and YouTube channel.


Caitlin is a photographer who has gone on to amass three hundred and seventy-three thousand Instagram followers. She frequently posts pictures of food recipes. Other than being a photographer, she is also an excellent cook. In her blog, she claims that her recipes are not just for VeganVegan, but for anyone who wants to be able to eat meals that her both delicious and healthy. 

Instagram Handle



Caitlin Shoemaker has released and published one book: From My Bowl: Simply Delicious Vegan Food. The book illustrates easily understandable plant-based food recipes, has eight instructional guides, and is supported by beautiful recipe-images. Caitlin’s recipes in the Simply Delicious Vegan Food, are gluten-free, oil-free, refined sugar-free, and VeganVegan.

Caitlin Shoemaker’s Blog: From My Bowl

Besides running a successful YouTube channel, Caitlin Shoemaker also has a blog where she talks about vegan diet and recipes; showcases her photography skills; and talks about her travel experiences and life. Categories of recipes found in the blog include side and small bites, main food recipes, desserts, salads, gluten-free vegan food recipes, and instructions on how to cook without using oil. Caitlin had admitted in her blog that some of her older recipes were made when she was still deeply “orthorexic,” however, as she grows, she has often incorporated her new beliefs and convictions in her recipes.

Caitlin also sells kitchen utensils, cooking apparel, and pastries on her blog.

Personal Philosophies

  • Caitlin Shoemaker Loves Food: Caitlin may be Vegan; she is, however, an advocate for good food. She loves when food tastes great—and can still be eaten healthily. Unlike some vegan dieticians, Caitlin cooks for culinary purposes, and even though she does not use animal products and by-products, she uses flavor to enhance her delicious meals.
  • She does not care about calorie counts: Caitlin has revealed that, at the moment, she has grown beyond the point where she counts calories. She has attested that her older recipes would have tasted better if she was more interested in making recipes that have good flavor, rather than those with a certain level of calories. According to her, she was in a dark place when she used to count calories, and she has realized that happiness is important, good food is great, and everyone should “eat until you are full.”
  • Caitlin believes that fats taste good and should be incorporated into a vegan diet. She also believes that fats can help one taste and retain the flavor of foods much longer.
  • Caitlin has often reached out to non-vegan consumers, as she believes that while her recipes are vegan, they can be prepared and enjoyed by anyone—even non-vegan and non-vegetarian.
  • Recently, on her blog, Caitlin Shoemaker announced that she would begin making recipes with oil—and only make a zero oil substitute for those recipes if it meets the highest culinary standards. While Caitlin advocates for good and healthy living, she beliefs that happiness does not come from obsession over one’s body fat. On her blog, she admitted to having gone through a phase where she was obsessive about her body fat. At the moment, she has grown into a happier young woman who advocates for inner-happiness, confidence, and self-love.

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