All You Need to Know about GojiMan Vegan Nutritionist

All You Need to Know about Gojiman Vegan Nutritionist

Let’s take a look at the bio of GojiMan, the vegan nutritionist today. Vegan YouTubers, or any other nutrition YouTuber, can be a very controversial lot. If not promoting a vegan diet, they may sometimes be involved in verbal wars when reviewing each other’s diets. However, a lot of them strive to share what they think is best based on their experience and thorough research.

Today we are going to review Gojiman. He’s known for claiming to have treated SIBO and other gut issues. So is he legit or just another pseudoscientist? Please keep reading to find out what inspired him to switch to a vegan lifestyle and how he came to start offering consultancy in certain gut issues in vegans.

Gojiman Early life and family

Gojiman’s full name is Simon Hammett. He always had an interest in nutrition, but this interest grew when his parents and sister died of chronic diseases. He dedicated his life to reversing these diseases by eating the right food. This experience also led him to gain a Master’s degree in Food and Nutrition and is currently an aspiring Ph.D. student. 

Personal Life and Relationships

Gojiman is married to a fellow YouTube and Instagram star, Blissfully Emma. They have been together for a couple of years and married in 2016. Blissfully Emma is also a vegan, yoga enthusiast, and health and wellness activist. She switched to a vegan diet to rid herself of PCOS. According to her videos, she claims that she succeeded in doing so on a plant-based diet. 

PCOS is a hormonal disorder that causes women in reproductive age to have prolonged menstrual periods or the ovaries delay the release of eggs. She’s currently not very active on YouTube, but she posts regularly on Instagram, where she has more than 50,000 followers.

Gojiman’s Early Career

Gojiman’s current channel was started in May 2018. It seems like he had an online presence before then took a break. By the time of starting the channel, he had been recovering from gut issues caused by an antibiotic he had consumed between 2013 and 2014. As a result of this antibiotic, oxalates, histamines, and salicylates in the foods he ate ended up in the bloodstream. They caused vertigo, irregular heartbeats, and fatigue. He attained his Master’s degree from the University of Dublin in 2019.

Gojiman’s Professional Career

Drawing his knowledge from his Master’s Degree and his own experience in treating gut issues, Gojiman shares many tips on addressing such issues on his channel. He even sells organic acids, SIBO tests, and stool tests and merch on his Shopify store and charges for nutritional consultancy services.

He starts his video with a Medical Disclaimer that his videos are for educational purposes, and people should consult their physicians if they had any issues. Gojiman has not always been a vegan. He ate animal products for most of his life. But as I mentioned earlier, his parents died prematurely of chronic diseases, and his sister died of Leukemia. As a result, he became vegan to have some sort of “control” over his health destiny.

Gojiman also understands that diet alone can’t guarantee a quality life. He also advocates for exercise, enough sleep, spirituality, and being in healthy relationships.

Gojiman has always had an interest in animals as pets, and when he learned that animals had the same rights as humans, he decided to make the switch and never look back. Another reason why he’s vegan is for environmental activism.

He believes that a vegan lifestyle is one way to preserve the environment for future generations. He also claims that there’s hunger in the world while most plants are given to animals to produce animal products for larger markets.

Case studies

Gojiman’s channel is known for posting case studies. Most of them are success stories of people who have followed his protocol. One famous case study is where he cured Hench Herbivore’s SIBO (Small Intestinal Bacterial Overgrowth). Hench Herbivore is another vegan YouTuber who had been dealing with acid reflux and stomach cramps for a long time. When he reached out to Gojiman, Gojiman first sent him the SIBO and stool test kits he sells on his Shopify website, and they confirmed Hench had SIBO. 

Gojiman “prescribed” natural anti-microbial foods such as Allicin (garlic), berberine (berries), grape seed extract, simple amino acids (glutamine), and quercetin (onions). According to Hench, Gojiman’s prescription cured the acid reflux and even a gluten issue he had. 

Gojiman has done several of these case studies on people who have been medically diagnosed with gut issues, especially vegans. This leads to people questioning if he’s even qualified.


Some people have raised concerns about how Gojiman gets to treat and offer advice on certain health conditions while he’s not a certified dietician and has no clinical experience. A closer look at his Master’s Degree shows that it’s an online program and not part of the regular Clinical Nutrition and Dietetics Program at the University. 

Some reviewers also found it odd that he starts his videos with a Medical Disclaimer while he goes ahead to offer clinical consultancy. In some of his videos, he also mentions that he wants to pursue a Ph.D., which some people believe is meant to present him as more qualified to do what he does. 

Other YouTubers raised concerns on why he sells expensive test kits while claiming to offer “educational advice.” These kits also don’t necessarily point out SIBO issues; they are used to test a wide range of food and digestive problems that aren’t necessarily related to veganism. Despite the criticisms, the case studies show that his prescriptions work, and he receives a lot of support from his viewers.

Gojiman’s Character

Gojiman is a nice guy who loves what he does. However, he does seem a little biased in the assertions he makes. For instance, in this video, he bashes certain YouTubers by calling them “snake oil salesmen” while he starts his videos by stating that he sells SIBO testing kits.  When responding to other reviewers, he often states what he believes is true, or what many people think, instead of backing his arguments with scientific facts. He is correct in some of them since he has studied nutrition, but he also makes some errors.

Gojiman also once had a scuffle with Primal Edge Health channel ownerand carnivore diet advocate, Tristan. Gojiman even threatened to sue him (I couldn’t find the video I guess it was pulled down). Gojiman was also “charging” at those advocating for carnivore diets, and that didn’t present a good look on him. However, they later resolved the issues and even did a live stream together.

My thoughts

Overall, Gojiman seems to be legit. Despite some inaccurate assertions and battles with those who don’t agree with him, his prescriptions on dealing with gut issues seem to be working. Just like with the other vegan YouTuber’s out there, you should consult your doctor before trying out any diet ideas you get from these channels.

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