10 Things you didn’t know about Derek Simnett

Derek Simnett - Simnett Nutrition

Derek Simnett is a Canadian Vegan Fitness YouTuber with over 471k YouTube Subscribers and 132k Instagram followers who creates videos about bodybuilding, strength training and veganism. Here are 10 facts you may have not known about Derek.

1. Derek’s girlfriend is Crystal Jennings

Derek lives with his long time girlfriend crystal kennings who is also a Canadian citizen and vegan. Crystal has over 21.1k followers on Instagram and can be seen in many of Derek’s videos. Crystal takes good care of Derek and he loves when she prepares delicious Vegan food for him. They actually met on Instagram 6 years ago and Derek messaged her on Facebook and eventually they moved in together.

2. Derek’s company is called Simnett Nutrition

His company has the same name as his YouTube channels which is called Simnett Nutrition. Derek offers plant based diet plans, workout advice , videos and a shop selling clothing. He has built his brand around his YouTube channel where he gives vegan advice and motivation.

3. One of his signature moves is a muscle up

Derek is known for his incredible physique and strength. A large portion of his training is dedicated to calisthenics (body weight movements) and he can often be seen doing muscle ups in his videos. Derek released a guide on how to do a muscle up on his YouTube channel. He loves to train out in nature, running around and using tree branches for pull ups and muscle ups.

4. He loves bouldering

Derek used to Boulder a lot and still loves to Boulder but he does not Boulder much anymore since there are not many places around where he lives now. There used to be a bouldering facility called The Hive in North Vancouver where Derek and Crystal previously lived.  He has old videos on his channel that show him bouldering.

5. He went vegan for several reasons

One of the reasons he went vegan was for the
animals. Derek did not feel right about putting animals on his plate and once
he learned that you can be healthy and happy on a plant based diet he converted
to veganism quickly. Derek does not focus that much on activism, but talks
about how going vegan made him feel and gives his perspective never criticizing
others for their food and lifestyle choices. Before Derek went vegan he tried
eating grass fed and free range meats and quickly realized it wasn’t for him.

6. Derek believes creatine supplements do work when fasted

His thoughts on creatine is the same as what science says that it can help with explosive movements, allow you to hold on to more water and look a little bit bigger. He does use creatine from time to time generally with a carbohydrate source or in his post workout smoothie.

7. Derek Simnett’s height is 5 foot 6 inches

Derek is not insecure about his height and
knows that he is short. When he was younger he used to hang around with many of
his friends who are much taller but soon realized there is no point being
embarrassed about things you can’t change. He is happy with himself and
accepted his height early on.

8. One of his junk food cravings are potato

Derek has several methods he uses to fight binge eating. He will not keep potato chips in the house because he knows he will eat them if they are in the cupboard and prefers to just remove the temptation all together. If he is getting a craving sometimes he will just have a glass of water, grab a piece of fruit or something healthy like celery sticks.

9. Derek Simnett does not drink wine but occasionally had some alcohol

Simnett admitted that he has an addicing personality and used to struggle with occasionally having too many drinks but he has come a long way and has a better relationship with drinking. He hates hangovers and makes sure that he does not drink too much. 2-3 are max at a social event and does not drink at home.

10. He went to the school of holistic

Derek Simnett is a holistic nutritionist who studied at the school of holistic nutrition. The school teaches both about veganism and other non vegan nutrition plans. He took what resonated with him, learned as much as he could and adapted his own research and philosophy into his plan.

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