Why You Should Consider Switching to Vegan Makeup

When most people hear the word “vegan”, they instantly think of the various foods you can no longer eat. Most people associate veganism with abstaining from eating foods made with or from animals.

But being vegan is a lifestyle commitment and involves much more than just food. It eliminates any products that use animals from your life—food, clothing, housing supplies, or even cosmetics.

Many people do not realize that many cosmetic products rely on animal ingredients. It was not until vegan makeup took center stage that people realized there were better alternatives that meant we did not have to harm animals or the environment. Vegan makeup showed the cosmetic industry how to create more sustainable products that are better for the environment and everyone who uses them.

Most of us use makeup daily, so it makes sense to use the most ethical one available. But that is the beginning of all the top reasons to switch to vegan makeup. So we have put together a list of why vegan makeup makes a difference.

1. It Can Save Lives

Vegan makeup means that no animals are used in the making or testing cosmetic products. This is one of the top reasons why you should care about shopping ethically for your makeup because no animal deserves to live a life of fear, all for the benefit of cosmetics.

Makeup companies that test on animals are cruel and not needed at all. Especially as vegan makeup has shown how to create makeup ethically and without needing animals involved. Cruelty-free makeup is the way to go, and vegan makeup is the answer.

2. Avoid Bad Ingredients

There are many ingredients in normal cosmetic makeup lines that are not that great for your well-being. Some research has even found that some makeup products have tracings of animal urine, insects, and even wool in them. These ingredients contain zero positive value, so why would you want to put them near or on your body?

Instead, vegan makeup provides you with clean ingredients that you know only good ingredients have been put in for you. This is also important because your body is prepared to better process natural ingredients – especially those derived from plants.

3. The Packaging is Equally Better

Many vegan makeup products care more about the environment. This means they are more diligent about creating packaging that is equally sustainable and good for the planet. Vegan makeup products use recycled plastic or other environmentally friendly packaging. So your entire purchase is an ethical and sustainable one.

4. Supports Your Sensitive Skin

Those who have sensitive skin will likely benefit from using vegan makeup. This is because the natural ingredients are much kinder to your skin and can help enhance your glowing complexion. This means that if you suffer from skin issues like acne, eczema, or even rosacea, your skin will take kindly to vegan makeup and prevent your skin issues from getting worse.

Vegan makeup is better for your body in general. Your skin is the biggest organ in your body, and you should want to put only good things on it. Our skin can absorb the ingredients in makeup quite quickly, so you want to ensure that it will only be good stuff if it does. Your skin quality will improve when you expose it to products that avoid using anything but clean ingredients.

5. Prices are Reasonable

Vegan makeup is not nearly as expensive as many people think. It is often more affordable than the standard makeup option and is extremely comparable. It is easy to see vegan makeup as the best investment when you consider all the benefits listed above in the price. It is worth it to spend a bit more money on vegan makeup that will enhance your overall well-being.


These five reasons are just the beginning of why you should consider switching to vegan makeup. While everyone’s skin is different, vegan makeup consistently appears highly beneficial to anyone who decides to use it—even if they haven’t committed to the vegan lifestyle.

From having the option to support brands who refuse to harm or test on animals to products designed to help all skin types at an affordable price, vegan makeup can make a world of difference to your overall well-being and the planet’s well-being.

The real question is, why wouldn’t you switch over to vegan makeup today?

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