Clinical Supervisory & Training Services For Behavioral Health Programs For You 

Are you an organization searching for the best clinical supervisors to support your behavioral health program? Frank Del Fiugo, the CEO of Clinical Supervision Now, offers an ideal avenue. He is a licensed therapist with a master’s degree in psychology. He has been operational for over 20 years, supporting associates toward their licensure and behavioral health organizations to maintain consistent supervision for these associates in their organizations. 

The increased need for professional, well-trained therapists is vital for managing a heavy workload—clinical supervision. Now helps reduce burnout while supporting your team. Our qualified temporary or long-term engagement supervisors are experts in the field and passionate about sharing their expertise with others. 

How Frank’s Clinical Trainings Are Revolutionizing Psychotherapy Careers?

Clinical supervision Now supports associates towards licensure while saving your organization costs – across the board (see the calculator on our website). Our vast experience in bridging the inefficiencies that have slowed the licensure of associates in a cost-effective way for your agency is truly unique. 

  1. Reduction of time taken for licensing

Clinical supervision now offers an avenue to have -accredited supervisors support the incredible demand for quality supervision. Historically, associates in many organizations have struggled with consistent, ongoing supervision without interruption. In some cases, it could take years before attaining the 3000 clinical hours to qualify for the state exams towards licensure.

  • Developing skilled therapists who get licensed on time while giving your organization peace of mind knowing supervisors are always available. 

There has been a sharp rise in patients with mental health problems. The USA has had an acute shortage of therapists to handle the menace. Clinical supervision Now combats the problem by developing skilled therapists to serve the patients. The company seeks to reduce the patient-to-therapist ratio to boost access to mental health services.

There has been increased stress in licensing associate psychotherapists. Clinical supervision Now will help the fast attainment of 3000 supervised clinical hours. 

  • Speeds up access to services by mental health patients

Access to mental health has been difficult. There have been very many mental health patients but very few psychotherapists. Clinical supervision. Now increases the availability of supervisors to help your associates be licensed faster to treat their patients. Early detection and treatment of psychotic problems will speed up your patients’ recovery.

  • Development of resilience

Mental health disorders have led to reduced employee productivity. Clinical supervision Now helps eradicate burnout among your staff. The company will help boost your staff’s productivity to maximize your profits. 

The company helps your staff develop stamina for operating under unpredictable and uncomfortable circumstances. 

Clinical supervision Now will help your employees maintain productivity over time. The company recognizes that unpredictable life situations affect your staff’s mental well-being. The company’s highly professional therapists will mentor your staff to be adaptable to various changes without affecting their performance.

Connect with Frank Del Fiugo to get training and mentorships to speed up your psychotherapy licensure. 

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