Overcoming Stigma With Cat Howell

Human beings are fearful of what they don’t know or understand. Subjects like mental breakdowns, magic, and alchemy are heavily stigmatized. Fear and misunderstanding lead to prejudice against people who practice magic and alchemy. Some may feel the need to reach out to a practicing magician to try and convince them to join a certain religion, or else they’ll lose their soul to hell.

Yet most people don’t realize that stigma is just fear for what seems hidden. For thousands of years, we thought the world was flat. We didn’t know much about the Universe, and at some point, Scientific advancements were viewed as evil.

Magic is one of the hidden things that modern culture stigmatizes. Thanks to horror films and sci-fi, magic and alchemy have been labeled as evil. But when you do a bit of history, you’ll realize that our ancestors have practiced magic for thousands of years.

Cat Howell, a practicing magician and alchemist, explains that ancient Egyptians practiced alchemy. They used magic to understand their world and to connect with the divine. Similarly, meditation was considered a part of the magic in ancient Babylonia.

Cat has experienced the stigma that comes with practicing magic and alchemy. She states that she would meet people who would curse her for practicing magic. Others would genuinely be concerned for her and try to preach to her. Some would send her concerned messages about her well-being.

Cat admits that some years back, she would also have rolled her eyes at magic, thinking it was a rabbit trick out of a hat. However, as she took to practicing magic and alchemy, the experience transformed her life.

Cat’s experiences taught her that:-

  • Magic is similar to technology. Similar to technology, magic stems from the imagination. Next, the practicing magician leverages techniques that help him channel the vibrations in the Universe to manifest their imagination into a reality.
  • Magic is a Science. It helps us to define reality by crafting the physical from the non-physical.
  • Magic has to do with the law of attraction manifestation. Like our ancestors, we use magic to attract and manifest our desires into the physical world.

Cat says that thirty years ago, people laughed at meditation. But now, techniques like meditation, positive affirmations, and vision boards are popular. These techniques were plagiarized from alchemy. People don’t realize that these techniques are a form of incantation and were considered a form of witchcraft by ancient Babylonians.

Meditation, positive affirmations, and vision boards are like the PG 13 plagiarized version of the original techniques. Those who dare to open their hearts to magic will find themselves on an empowering journey of self-discovery. They will discover tools and techniques to fulfill your creative core desires and forge well-being when faced with adversity.

Wrap up Cat is one of the visionaries changing the rhetoric around magic. Through her website, Flow Protocol podcast, and book ‘Magic Source Codes,’ she looks at magic and alchemy as a helpful science. You can learn more about her work by checking her website. You can also check out her youtube.

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