The New Age of Forks To Feet: Website Relaunched

Dear Forks To Feet Community,

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We thank you for your loyal readership and enabling Forks To Feet to grow this website into one of the top sources for all things vegan and running. Recently, we came to a deal with Brandon Frye, a plant based runner and the original creator of Forks To Feet.

Brandon now focuses 100% on VegRunChat , a plant based running community with live Twitter chats every Sunday night. We have been passed down the torch from Brandon to take over ForksToFeet, continue to grow the community and fill the site with more engaging content for vegans and runners.

Brandon has built an amazing destination for for vegans and runners and we will continue to add to the legacy! Be on the lookout for new posts, custom infographics and the best content curated from around the web. To stay up to date and engaged, have a suggestion or want to submit a guest post to the site we would love to hear and you can contact us on our social media outlets below!:

Don’t forget to check out Brandon’s plant based running community VegRunChat. They are hosting a virtual race that lasts from October 1st to 15th and anyone can join!

virtual race

Thank you and we look forward to continue to supply you with great content that will help you reach your health and fitness goals!

– Your Forks To Feet Team

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