Hit the Trails: 9 Incredible Cycling Benefits You’re Missing Out On

Hit the Trails: 9 Incredible Cycling Benefits You're Missing Out On

One of the best decisions you can ever make is picking up cycling. A bike is an incredibly versatile piece of equipment designed for adventure, speed, leisurely rides, and your daily commute. Almost anyone can pick it up!

But the best part about getting on the bike is the incredible cycling benefits you’ll enjoy. Cycling packs a punch when it comes to improving your health. But did you know the benefits go farther beyond that?

Cycling is a popular sport that’s continuing to grow. Those who get into it love it. If you enjoy the outdoors, cleaning your mind, and exploring your neighborhood, you will love cycling. 

The only warning you need is cycling can become addicting but in the best way possible. If you haven’t yet, it’s time for you to hit the trails and start enjoying these 9 awesome cycling benefits you’re missing out on!

1. Improve Your Balance

If you’ve ridden a bike before, you know it takes time to build balance. Those who haven’t ridden a bike before may struggle to find balance. Don’t worry as this is perfectly normal and you’ll get a hang of it in no time!

Cycling will continue to improve your balance as you build your leg muscles. Experienced riders can keep building their balance by diving into mountain biking. The rugged trails and terrain will force you to work on your balance along with core and upper body strength.

2. Shed Pounds

Cycling is a form of cardio exercise which means it can help you lose weight. The longer and more intense your cycling adventures are, the more pounds you’re likely to shed. Even leisurely rides can help keep your weight in check.

Since cycling isn’t as demanding as running or swimming, it does burn fewer calories in a similar amount of time. You can, however, enjoy it for greater amounts of time without tiring out too quickly. It’s also gentle on your joints. 

3. Boost Your Brain

Exercise of almost any kind can improve your brainpower. Many researchers are finding it can counter symptoms of Alzheimer’s disease and improve your memory.

Cycling doesn’t only improve the developed brains of adults. Children can also enjoy sharper minds and reduce symptoms of Attention Deficit Disorder. Getting outdoors and cycling helps improve the overall mental health of both adults and children.

4. Improved Sleep

Many Americans are struggling with falling asleep with today’s stressors, connectivity, and screen time. Adding cardiovascular exercise, like cycling, to your routine will improve your quality of sleep.

Researchers are finding those who regularly partake in moderate to vigorous forms of exercise are enjoying better sleep. They’re able to fall asleep faster and stay asleep for longer periods during the night.

Any avid cyclist can attest to the post-ride mix of exhaustion, hunger, and an endorphin high. With the right amount of cycling, you, too, can improve your quality of sleep.

5. Environmentally Friendly

Do you regularly commute around your city to get to work or run errands? Do you want to make these commutes more fun, enjoyable, and environmentally friendly?

Climate change is a serious issue causing changes to weather patterns, global temperatures, and more. The good news is cycling is great for the environment. It’s completely human-powered resulting in zero emissions and pollution.

Incorporating cycling into your commute will reduce your carbon footprint. There are also fewer pollutants produced during the manufacturing process of a bicycle than that of a car.

6. Meet Awesome People

As we get older, we often find it more challenging to meet and network with new people. Let alone people with similar interests and hobbies! One of the best cycling benefits is the opportunity to meet awesome people in the cycling community.

There are cycling groups all across the country. Mountain biking is an exciting form of cycling always welcoming newcomers. You’ll meet experienced mountain cyclists who’ll offer helpful tips and let you in on the best trails in your area.

7. Greater Self-Confidence

Do you know the dedication and practice needed to deftly maneuver rugged bike trails or completing a century ride? These accomplishments are major building blocks to improving your self-confidence. This confidence will extend beyond your cycling skills and into your daily life.

The other health benefits of cycling, such as weight loss and muscle building also build self-confidence. This leads to greater self-esteem, libido, and overall happiness. After an intense workout, your body releases endorphins and other feel-good chemicals leaving you in a state of bliss.

8. Longevity

Regular exercise can add years to your life. Cycling, whether you’re commuting to work or flying through the trails also boosts longevity!

Endurance cyclists and those who are out of breath after a ride can add around 4-5 years to their life. Regular commuting and leisure rides can also lengthen your life span. Cycling strengthens your immunes system which potentially can reduce premature death from illness.

9. Feel Happier

One of the best cycling benefits is the feeling of happiness it gives you. Adding cycling to your routine simply makes you feel happier and more optimistic. Commuting by bike is one of the happiest forms of transportation.

Cycling, along with other various forms of exercise, reduces feelings of anxiety, depression, and stress. Nearly every form of cycling releases dopamine, another feel-good hormone. Many people turn to cycling as a way to give their mood a boost when they’re feeling down.

Getting outside on the country backroads or forest trails can give your emotions a positive boost. Research is finding that those who regularly get outside felt a greater sense of well-being. Those who didn’t participate in physical activity while outside also enjoyed the same sense of happiness and well-being.

Start Enjoying These Cycling Benefits Today!

Do you want to enjoy these cycling benefits and improve your quality of life? There are many different bikes available for any budget and any style of riding. It’s time you get on a bike—you’ll wonder why you didn’t start cycling sooner!

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