Awaken Your Inner Warrior simple steps On How To unleash your “WarriorSpirit ” With Author and Life Coach Kelley Cunningham

Everyone has problems, bad situations seem to sneak up on us out of nowhere. Look at the cloud Covid has cast over all our lives for the past two years. But do you keep agonizing over and over the same problem? Do you focus on your challenges rather than the solutions? Sometimes our problems seem to shout out louder than the solution leaving us feeling stuck, spinning our wheels while life takes off full speed ahead. 

Let your own joyful energy shout out even louder! Stop agonizing—Set your warrior spirit free and start to rise above the problems. Problems pop up even when we’re not faced with a global pandemic. We need to discover ways to seek solutions. Joy is one of those solutions, while joy might not be able to solve all your problems, Kelley Cunningham teaches us how to tap into the powerful energy of joy so we don’t feel stuck in our circumstances, joy won’t let you linger endlessly as the victim. You deserve to move forward triumphantly, simply by trying your best to keep optimistic, keep trying keep going keep believing in yourself. 

joy is a choice, a powerful one that can help you combat the world and face your problems with a solid solution. Disconnect with the role of the victim and start seeing yourself as a warrior spirit. Your mindset is everything and your thoughts define your lot in life. Kelley encourages everyone to cheer themselves on by giving themselves a lot of self-love— self-love is lifting. So start to be your own cheerleader, we can’t always look to others to cheer us on in life. Along the way we are apt to get stuck now and then, we need to be able to lift ourselves back on track and to keep ourselves going. Self-direct our next steps.

Kelly encourages us in her upcoming book THE POWER OF JOY— that your past fears may feel like they are paralyzing you from moving forward in life. She states   “failure is not fatal” The truth is our failures are not our final story. You most definitely have the final say,.its up to you how long you choose to stay stuck in the problem or start seeking a solution. I think you will agree that choosing joy over sitting stewing in sorrow (as coach Kelley articulates it) that choosing joy would be your first choice.  Unfortunately, some circumstances put us in a situation where we can’t help but feel sad, discouraged, and down on life. It’s important to recognize and validate what you are feeling.  explore what is the root cause of your depleted energy, sourcing solutions to lift your spirit.  Kelley Cunningham says, “You can draw on happy memories and experiences to create a more lasting permanent energy of joy  This optimistic woman is teaching thousands of people how to discover what joy means to you. In her book The Power Of Joy -the ultimate guide to living your best life ever which is set to launch in early 2022, she directs people not to give up when difficult things come their way. But instead, they should keep that momentum towards a solution. Recognizing in the process towards a solution you will learn how to heal from the hurts along your journey of self-discovery—discovering your inner warrior and you will grow to new heights by tapping into the powerful energy of joy via six main pathways to joy— happiness, faith, love, peace, harmony, and gratitude. Each has a unique relationship and gateway to accessing the energy of Joy. The book will empower you to help lift you through the tough times. Especially during the most challenging times of your life and not to allow yourself to stay stuck but to rise above circumstances to see success.

The Come up To Being A “Warrior”

Kelley, together with her amazing husband and three incredible kids, lived a beautifully blessed life for 5years in the United States. Confirming many Claim s Northwest Arkansas “Walmart country” home of the world’s largest retailers head offices and original store is one of the best places in North America to raise a family, they were definitely living their best life ever .’ And they were always extremely grateful for the opportunity.  So after returning back to their Canadian roots in 2016 and even after Kelley’s beloved husband suffered a severe traumatic brain injury, only six weeks later They discovered ways to not only cope but thrive with so much uncertainty and adversity. Her husband’s healing would prove to take 27months. And during those long months that could have been very discouraging, Kelley realized that she could manifest moments of joy to offset the challenges, adding a bit of control back into her life. Joy became a powerful lifting strength in her life. It was during that period of time that Kelley made the bold decision to become a life coach. Not knowing when Jeffery would heal she knew she needed to focus on finding a job that would potentially help support her family and still give her the opportunity to be there for her three kids and to support her husband.  her resiliency as a warrior spirit and taught her significant life lessons that have shaped her into one of the most coveted transformational coaches. 

Awaken The Joy In You

You need to awaken the joy within you. Having joy is a choice. This choice to choose joy will catapult you in the direction of your best life ever.

Balance is an important part of maintaining a healthy happy life adding an element of joy to your life truly allows you to feel life in balance. This is true especially in the challenging times of your life when the bad situations sneak in and surprise us with feeling stuck in unfair situations, sorrow happens. Joy refocuses our attention to see a solution. Joy is like level upping a balanced life amplifying the harmony you feel—joy and harmony go hand-in-hand in lifting you in life Kelley articulate it well when she says in her upcoming book “harmony is like bejeweling a balance life” experiencing the joy you most certainly deserve and feeling the love in our life we all deserve. 

Kelley’s energy and encouragement leave you feeling a fresh burst of joy that boosts you with new energy to achieve new levels of success, she has been spreading joy amongst people and on social media.  making genuine connections and impacting real people with the powerful Strength of joy 

Be joyful on purpose, be a joy seeker  While not everybody might realize it, everyone most certainly has the opportunity to connect with the energy of joy.  Pivot yourself in the direction of success by recognizing your true self-worth is priceless. Cheering yourself on with joyful moments, let your Warrior Spirit shine in the direction of the sun even on the dark and cloudy days. It’s recognizing that different seasons come up in life, not all are going to be bright and fun. But during those times if you can remember that the sun is still in the sky even on those dark rainy days. the sun is always there to lift yourself to feel the joyful warmth of its rays. Much like joy is always resting in our hearts to lift us through all seasons of life. 

Wrapping Up

awakening joyful energy from within you, you can release a warrior spirit and conquer all of life’s problems. For more on becoming a ‘warrior spirit of joy,’ get set to get a copy of Kelley’s book as soon as it is launched in early 2022 You can also connect to her on;Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, LinkedIn, Tiktok

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