#VegRunChat: Plant-Based Foods to Fuel Your Run


Greetings Runners,

I’m getting pumped about this week’s #VegRunChat!  This Sunday night (9PM ET), we will be discussing plant-based options to fuel your runs.  We’ve all been there – several miles in, feeling like our energy stores are depleted.  But there are natural, plant-based foods that can cure your energy woes.  As they say, knowledge is power.  So join us this weekend to learn what you should be adding to your diet to boost your energy, stamina, and overall performance.


This week’s sponsor is a wonderful company out of Boston that knows a thing or two about plant-based energy.  In fact, it’s their business.  ENERGYbits has opened the world’s eyes to an ingredient that, not only improves physical energy, but reduces fatigue, speeds up athletic recovery, reduces brain fog, and builds muscle.  What is this amazing super-ingredient? It’s 100% Organic Algae.  ENERGYbits has taken the algae and put it into an easy-to-take tab form which you can carry with you everywhere you go.  They also come in a nice tin for easy storage.  To the right you’ll see a chart which shows you how ENERGYbits compares to other foods’ antioxidant and protein levels.  Read my full review here.

Chat Prize

What’s great is that ENERGYbits will be giving away a free sample pack to one lucky winner!  All you have to do is send out a tweet between now and Sunday night, before 9:30PM ET.  We will announce the winner at the end of the chat.  Simply copy and paste the tweet below (filling in the blank) and send it out before the cutoff time.  Be sure to keep the tags, as I will be using them to manage the entries.

I need to: __. Fill blank & RT 4 chance 2 Win!

We look forward to seeing everyone Sunday night.  Be sure to tell all of your friends, whether they’re plant-based or not.  Everyone eats plants, just some more than others 🙂

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