#VegRunChat: Twitter Chat for Vegan & Vegetarian Runners


Some of you may be aware that a new chat has emerged on Twitter that’s geared towards vegan and vegetarian runners.  Many of you have been patiently waiting for this chat.  What better way for plant-based runners to get to know one another and ask/answer questions pertaining to their diets? Below are frequently asked questions about #VegRunChat and information on how you can join us.

What is #VegRunChat?

#VegRunChat is a Q&A chat on Twitter which is typically moderated by Forks to Feet (@forkstofeet).  The purpose of #VegRunChat is to connect plant-based runners, share tips, get advice, and (most importantly) have fun.  Throughout the hour, we will ask several questions.  Give us your best answers and have fun responding to other runners’ answers.

When is #VegRunChat? 

#VegRunChat begins each Sunday night at 9PM ET.  Each chat lasts an hour and will cover a variety of plant-based running topics.

Who participates in #VegRunChat?

Runners of all levels are welcome to take part in #VegRunChat.  Whether you’re a beginner or seasoned ultra-marathoner, we hope that you will join us.  Anyone is welcome to participate in our chats, but we ask that you keep the conversation focused on running and/or  plant-based nutrition.  We also invite those of you looking to start a plant-based diet, or just looking to add plant-based fuels to your workout. 
How do I get to the chat?

From your Twitter account, use the search box to search for #VegRunChat.  This will be the feed to follow during our chats.  You can also follow the #VegRunChat tag on third-party clients such as HootSuite, TweetDeck or SeesmicYou.

Find out more information from following us @VegRunChat or visiting the #VegRunChat website.  We will keep the blog up to date with the topic for the current week. Forks to Feet (@forkstofeet) will be the host for most chats, but occasionally we will have a different host.

Why should I join?

#VegRunChat is a great way to meet other plant-based runners.  Many tips, ideas, and laughs are shared during the chats.  You won’t want to miss out on any of it!  Also, most chats are sponsored.  Companies join us to promote their products and offer you free prizes!  How great is that!?  You can win some great prizes by just participating.  If you’re interested in sponsoring #VegRunChat, please consult our Sponsors page.

Can I use the #VegRunChat tag at other times during the week?

Absolutely.  In fact, we encourage it!   Please use the tag to talk about running, share food pictures, boast run times, promote blog entries, ask questions, post quotes, etc.

Got questions?  Visit the #VegRunChat site.  We look forward to seeing you this Sunday at 9PM ET.  I look forward to meeting you all!

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