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4 Ways to Make Running Fun

Running has become something that I look forward to – It’s my time to let loose and tackle any aggression or anxieties that life has thrown at me.  Within the first couple of miles, my problems seem to disappear into the sunset (or sunrise) behind me.  Running allows me to connect with the earth, relax, and focus on my next breath.  Sounds pretty tranquil, huh?  The only problem is getting motivated to lace up those shoes.  Once I’m out there, I’m typically fine.  But, if I follow the same pattern week after week, I will surely find myself less than enthusiastic about my healthy (and mundane) routine.  Here are some ways that I have found to help me better enjoy my run.
1. Get a Running Partner – Having a running partner not only motivates you to run, but can make it more enjoyable.  It is also a great way to catch up with a friend who you haven’t seen in a while.  I have one friend in particular who I meet up with every couple of weeks.  We catch up on life, and before we know it, we’re half-way through our run.  This can also be a great way to learn about upcoming races.  If you don’t have anyone you can think of asking, check out Daily Mile; it’s practically Facebook for runners.  You are sure to meet someone on there.

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