Runner of the Week Jamie

Runner of the Week Jamie

Hi! I’m Jamie.

I currently work in television news as a Social Media Producer who happens to also produce the 9am hour of The Morning Show on Saturday mornings. Kind of ruins my race schedule, but hey! It’s a full time job that I enjoy.

Tell us a little about yourself.

I am a rocker girl with hippie tendencies, have a really strange and sarcastic sense of humor, have a love affair with tattoos and piercings, am known to do really random and crazy things to my hair without warning, am an avid runner and road racer, believe that life should come complete with your own soundtrack, am a writer extraordinaire, am a day dreamer, am a lover of the darker things in life, believe that all problems can be solved with a bowl of ice cream, and am a self admitted “Negative Nancy.” But I’m working on that last one.

Where do you live?

Jacksonville, Florida

So what got you interested in running?

I work at a tv station, and we are a big sponsor for the Gate River Run. It’s the nation’s BIGGEST 15k! Being scared to take on that kind of race, I registered for the lesser popular 5k… that was in 2008. I’ve been running ever since!

Is there anything that sets you apart from other runners?

I race in tutus? haha! It’s true. Every race I do, I do it in a tutu. The only exceptions are if it’s raining (seriously. Have you ever run with wet tulle on?) or at the beach. Beach weather and tulle do NOT mix.

What keeps you motivated?

Getting healthy. Being from a family where heart disease, cancer, diabetes and high blood pressure continues to plague everyone… I am determined to be as healthy as I can be.

Do you have a favorite race length?

Half Marathon

If you could run with anyone (living/dead), who would it be?

Kathrine Switzer. I met her at the Space Coast Half/Marathon a few years ago and it’s because of her that I decided to take on the marathon. She’d have to slow down her pace to keep up with me, but I think she’s a huge inspiration and I would be honored to pound the pavement with her.

What is your all-time favorite race? Why?

The Tour de Pain: Extreme! 3 races in 24 hours, right here in Jacksonville. A 10k, a Half, then a 5k. I did it for the first time last year, and it was a GIANT challenge and I loved every moment of it.

It totally bumped the Gate River Run 15k (which runs through Jacksonville, and goes over two bridges. Three if you include the train bridge) but it’s a dangerously close second!

Do you have a favorite pre-race food?

Half of a bagel with some peanut butter. It’s got carbs and protein, which is exactly what I need. Then, for long races – right before the gun goes off, I down a gel. It might just be a mental comfort, but it helps!

Post-race food?

Pizza! Any long race I do, the reward is always pizza. I tend to eat a gluten free diet, but I break it and suffer the consequences after long races in order to have some really delicious deep dish pizza…and we ONLY get it after a long race!

What piece of running gear could you not possibly live without?

My iFitness race belt. It carries my keys, my phone, my gels, everything. Being that I used to run with migraines, it was my lifeline. Since my surgery to kill the migraines, it’s a comfort to have with me. I always always always run with my phone. You never know when you need to call for help!

What do you tell yourself when you are struggling?

I did it before, I can do it again. 🙂 Every step I take is a step closer to being the person I want to be.

Do you have any current goals? Races?

Right now, I am registered for two half marathons in November, and my first full in December. I have practically no training under my belt because I am still recovering from my migraine surgery – but my body knows what I am doing and I know it will remember it! Starting in January, which will be 5 months post surgery and hopefully fully recovered, I will be jumping in with both feet into hard core training. I want to break 1:45 for the Gate River Run 15k!

What advice would you give to someone who’s new to running?

Don’t stop! Whatever you do, don’t stop. Yes, it hurts. Yes, it sucks. But starting out slow and steady is the best way to make it happen. And register for a race. Nothing motivates you more than having a countdown to a race that will show the world that you are a CHAMP!

Interesting name. What inspired you to start your blog?

I have always been an active person, and having found running, I feel like I’ve been able to keep that part of me going. I’m also trying to pimp running out to anyone who asks me about it, and I’m willing to be your biggest cheerleader. I’m not the best runner out there; I’m just a normal girl trying to figure it out myself. But if I can do it, then you can.
So why not do it together?

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