Vegan Miso Sweet Cookies Recipe (Easy & Plant Based)

Vegan Miso Sweet Cookies

Did anyone ever make a law that miso can only be used in salty dishes? Have one of these vegan miso sweet cookies and you will know that miso can certaily be used in a dessert recipe. I mean just look at them, who would not want to eat that?

Every time you eat one, they taste even better wether i be warm of cold. Dont’ feel guilty if you find your self having one, then two, then three, then all of them. They are too delicious to resist and at least they don’t have any daily.

You may find these vegan miso sweet cookies them at their best after taking a litle vacation in the freezer, wrapped tightly and then thawed. Have a big cold glass of plant-based milk, as well and your meal will be complete.

Miso is traditional used in soups but it’s always fun to use ingredients in places where they are least expected and create something truly memorable. If you didn’t know, miso is a very traditional seasoning used primarily in Japanese cooking that is created by fermenting soybeans with the additional of salt and koji.

If you are lazy and don’t feel like making these cookies, just order some vegan cookies from Insomnia.

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So, did you make the cookies? Please let us know how they came out and if you think there is any way we can improve the recipe. We would love to hear from you!

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