Super Easy Greens and Pesto Vegan Pita

So you’ve hit that time of day again when you’re hungry but you just aren’t sure how hungry. Is this just a snack craving or does this hunger require some serious noms?  Either way this is a must try recipe.  Not only is it super simple to make but it’s super easy to eat!

Check it out and try it –


Don’t forget to wash all veggies before preparing this delicious treat. Be sure to have a sharp knife to cleanly slice and dice all veggies – this will definitely cut down on your prep time.

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Slice avocado in half, remove pit. Cut the avocado into chunks and discard the shell. Chop leeks and spinach into thin slices and dice the tomatoes. Thinly slice a radish and crumble as much vegan cheese as you would like. The more the better if you ask me!

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Once all ingredients are chopped and mixed, spread a small amount of veganaise and kale pesto into a pita and liberally fill with veggie mix.  It’s delicious cold or toasted. Enjoy!


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