v2Food Plant Based Meat Start Up Raises $35 Million Series A

v2food logo

v2Food, The Australian company who created Rebel Whopper, a fully plant based burger served up fresh at Hungry Jacks, a popular fast food chain in Australia announced that they raised $35 Million (AUD) roughly $24 Million USD in A Series Funding from Main Sequence Ventures and Horizons Ventures.

Their Mission statement is simple yet effectively conveys how they envision the world is fed.

The simple fact is that there are over 10 billion people in the world and overpopulation will continue to create problems in the global food supply chain. Creating sustainable vegan foods to reduce the carbon footprint, will be a key area of investment moving into the future.

” We’re on a mission to feed our planet in a way that takes care of our planet. To be a part of that journey, follow our socials and look out for our products in stores soon. ”

v2s first product was brought to market in Octobcer called the Rebel Whopper and has seen a ton of success as the plant based food trend continues to grow in the APAC region.

If you go to v2foods website and look on their FAQ page, you can learn more about their products, where you can buy and sell v2food products, what it tastes like and how environmentally sustainable their delicious creations are.

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