Vegan Alco-Free Drinks You’ll Want This Summer

Are you wanting to enjoy yourself this summer whilst drinking your favourite beer without getting drunk in the process? Well, say hello to vegan alcohol-free beer! You can now enjoy Tennent’s Zero beer with the same taste as before without worrying about getting drunk.

Surveys show that most adults are now switching to alco-free beer when driving, so they can be safe when driving home from events or gatherings and still have a beer flavoured drink.

As well as beer companies now turning to alcohol-free beer for their loyal customers to enjoy, you can also enjoy your summer with a variety of non-alcoholic cocktails, and even wine (who knew?).

If you are struggling for ideas this summer on what to drink, then check out some of these inspirations below that you will surely want to try!

How to Beat the Summer Heat With Fabolous Alco-Free Drinks

Adding a splash or two of rum, vodka, gin, or any other top-shelf booze to your drink does give it a boost in flavour. However, making mocktails without the need for alcohol is quicker, healthier, and tastes just as good. Check out some of these faves for your next BBQ.

Ginger Beer Mojito – Sweet ginger beer zero, muddled with some ice, lime and mint leaves and there you go. A super-duper tasty summer mojito without rum.

Virgin Cucumber Gimlet – Healthy and refreshing springs to mind when you sip this beauty in 30 degrees heat. A quench thirster at its best! All you need is soda, muddled with cucumber and limes, mixed with some sugar syrup and half a glass of crushed ice. Give it a good mix in a cocktail shaker and strain it.

Vegan Leche Merengada – This one is not so common, but it’s a hit at every BBQ with its creaminess and is devilishly tasty. It consists of almond milk, coconut cream, lemon peel, maple syrup, and cinnamon for topping. Simply boil all the ingredients until thick, let it cool in the fridge, then shake it up with some crushed ice and serve with cinnamon powder on top.

Non-alcoholic sangria – Grab a bottle or 2 of non-alcoholic wine, mix in a bag of frozen forest fruits, chop some oranges and lemons, and you are good to serve with lots of ice.

If you’re not feeling the fancy drinks, just stick to a cool low-calorie beer with zero alcohol to keep your taste buds from drying up under the summer sun.

Tennent’s Zero and other beer companies are jumping on the bandwagon for producing alco-free beer to keep up with public demand.

It is widely available to buy in most supermarkets, bars, and online. So you can enjoy the same beer taste that you love without worrying about driving home afterwards.

Final Thoughts

Being vegan and having an alco-free lifestyle is certainly not boring when it comes to having flavoursome drinks like strawberry lemonade, frozen blackberry cooler, skinny champagne margaritas. The list goes on!

Vegan alco-free drinks are widely available nowadays, and with lots of great flavours to choose from, you too can enjoy your summer with some of the drinks mentioned here.

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