Five Daily Products You Might Not Realize Aren’t Vegan

Veganism is about more than food. It’s a lifestyle centered around avoiding the exploitation of animals. Vegans don’t buy or consume animal-derived products or products tested on animals. It’s better both ethically and environmentally, as vegan products have a far lower carbon footprint and are more sustainable as well. Yet many vegans don’t realize some of their common household goods are not necessarily vegan. Here are five to check out, and where to buy their vegan alternatives. 

  1. Laundry Supplies. While many laundry detergents are synthetic, they contain animal derived enzymes. Others are tested on animals for safety. And still others, claiming to be fully plant-based contain harmful microplastics which end up in the ocean. Dryer sheets are even worse. Most list “fatty acids” (from animals) as an ingredient. Similarly, laundry stain remover often contains animal enzymes or has been tested on animals. 

The Vegan Life Shop has vegan, cruelty-free, sustainable products your family can trust. From Organic Laundry Soap Nuts (a detergent alternative) to Lavender Dryer Sachets and for stain removal a Vegan Stain Stick.  

  1. Shampoo. Unfortunately, most mainstream shampoos and conditioners contain animal ingredients or have been tested on animals. Using a vegan, cruelty-free shampoo or shampoo alternative is easy when shopping on The Vegan Life Shop. Try the organic Chocolate Shampoo Bar and leave your hair smelling wonderful, or the Virgin Argan Oil Shampoo to both wash and condition. 
  2. Soaps and Lotions. Did you know that most commercial soaps mix animal fat into their ingredients? Historically, tallow (animal fat) is the most common soap ingredient, and continues to dominate the industry. Many lotions contain lanolin, shellac, or glycerine, all from animals. And some plant-based soaps continue to test on animals. Avoid animal products and animal testing with The Vegan Life Shop’s wide selection of soaps and lotions. With over 20 varieties of organic, sustainable vegan hand soaps, as well as a dozen dish soaps and ten vegan lotions, this is your go-to soap location.
  3. Shoes, Belts, and Handbags. Leather products are made from cow hides. Many synthetic shoes still use animal-based glues. Vegan Life Shop is now featuring vegan, sustainable options for all of these. From certified carbon-neutral Vegan Suede Sneakers to stylish vegan leather, certified carbon-neutral Cowboy Boots. With over a dozen vegan belts and vegan handbags including a Cork Handbag and a Vegan Leather Handbag Vegan Life has your accessory needs covered. 
  4. Cosmetics. Similar to soaps and lotions, many cosmetics hide lanolin (sheep), shellac, (insects), and other animal ingredients. Most cosmetics are tested on animals before distribution. The Vegan Life Shop provides vegan, cruelty-free, sustainable cosmetics. Try the vegan makeup selection  or the Vegan Cacao Green Tea Face Mask.  The Zero-Waste Lip Balm protects your lips and comes in three flavors. The Vegan Facial Care Package can help your face feel refreshed, young, and vibrant. 

When moving to a vegan lifestyle, remember that veganism goes beyond diet. Vegan alternatives for common household goods are not always the easiest to find, and many products might seem vegan, when they’re actually not. Be sure to read ingredient lists carefully – look for a vegan and cruelty-free label – and help promote a more ethical, environmentally conscious, and kind world.  

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