Rachel Mannino, founder of The Vegan Life Shop

Rachel Mannino has been a vegan for over fifteen years, and is firmly committed to promoting a vegan lifestyle, not just in diet, but in all aspects of her life. She is married and a mother to two young children. Her entire household is vegan. 

After her husband spent two months searching in vain for a belt that was vegan, Rachel decided to open her own business. The Vegan Life Shop is devoted to carrying vegan products that are organic, sustainable, and cruelty-free. While Rachel was glad to see more vegan food options available in her area, she longed for vegan products beyond foods. In many places, including her home state of Delaware, these vegan goods were very hard to find. 

Rachel is deeply concerned about the environment and the ill effects of climate change. She and her husband are concerned that the world their children are growing in needs to be improved in many ways, but especially in its treatment of animals and the ever growing threat to the environment. The Vegan Life Shop is an outgrowth of that desire for a better world and that passion for veganism. It stocks vegan essentials including belts, clothing, cleaning supplies, soaps, cosmetics, housewares, and more. Many products are sourced from environmentally-conscious and sustainable sources. Rachel dreamed of bringing all vegan lifestyle essentials into a single, easy to find store that’s more accessible to everyone. The store is recognized as a “PETA Business Friend” and is the continuing realization of Rachel’s commitment to veganism, the world, and the brighter future she strives toward. 

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