How to Maintain a Vegan Diet During the Covid-19 Pandemic

Are you trying to maintain a vegan diet through this Covid-19? The year 2020 will be remembered for many reasons, not least the covid-19 virus, which quickly turned into a global pandemic, and this affects many aspects of our lives. The lockdown means that many people are not working – while some can work online, the majority of people are staying at home – and if you happen to be a vegan, you might not be able to buy from your regular vegan supplier.

Online Solutions

Social distancing has caused a huge rise in e-commerce, as people wish to buy goods without having the personal contact, and if you search online for a local vegan supplier, they can deliver your organic produce, while keeping within the social distancing rules. All you need to do is choose your items then proceed to the checkout and with a secure online payment, your items will be delivered to your door. If there are several vegan suppliers that service your area, it is very easy to compare produce and prices, plus they usually offer free delivery on orders over a certain amount.

Easing the Lockdown

The US is leading the way by starting to reopen the country, as the peak of infections plateaus out, and when starting to go out as normal, use the PPE safety vending machines that have been installed around the country, as Australia has a good record for dealing with the pandemic and are making great strides in providing people with essential PPE items.

Local Organic Farms

If, like many people, you prefer to get your organic fruit and vegetables from a local small farm holding, they will likely be opening soon, and as long as you observe social distancing guidelines, you can return to your regular routine. Of course, you must make sure that you wear PPE every time you go out of your home, and in the event you are running low, there will be vending machines that dispense sterile packs of good quality face masks, surgical gloves and hand sanitiser.


Of course, some supermarkets do stock vegan produce, which is yet another way to ensure that your diet is not affected by the covid-19 pandemic, although it might be more difficult for a store to find organic produce at this time. Social media pages can also help you to source small organic farms, and if you have friends who are vegan, they might be able to help you locate some items, plus you can search for farm pages on Facebook and Twitter.

Dealing with Lockdown

Of course, being confined to the home affects people in different ways; some folks are already hermits and work from home, so the lockdown will not affect them too much, but there are many people who thrive on meeting people and have a busy social schedule, and it is they who are finding it most challenging to stay at home.

Just because of covid-19, you should still be able to acquire vegan produce and with adequate exercise and healthy eating, you should be able to stay fit and healthy during these trying times.

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