How to Maintain a Thriving Social Life with Non-Vegan Friends and Family

Being a vegan with non-vegan friends and family members can sometimes be challenging. You may have differing viewpoints and morals. You also clearly enjoy and value different food groups. Still, that doesn’t mean you can’t maintain a thriving social life with your non-vegan friends and family members. Your bond can remain as close as ever when you take these actions: 

Choose Restaurants with Broad Menus                   

Dining with non-vegan loved ones can sometimes be challenging. You both have your preferences and values, and they don’t always align. If you’re in charge of organizing somewhere to go, pick an eatery with an extensive menu. You might choose ramen in Little Tokyo with customizable toppings to suit all palates and preferences.

Alternatively, you might select a quaint cafe in a small town offering vegan and non-vegan options in a comfortable setting. Hospitality businesses with extensive menus mean you don’t need to make your veganism a talking point by asking if any of the food they offer can be made vegan. 

Give Hosts Options

At least 86% of the world’s population eats meat. As a result, you can assume that social gatherings at people’s homes will predominantly involve animal product-containing food. As challenging as this can be, you don’t have to miss out on social occasions just because your dietary preferences don’t align.

Give your host options to keep everyone happy. You might ask whether your host would prefer for you to eat before you come, bring your own food, or provide them with a recipe for them to prepare something vegan for everyone to enjoy. 

Don’t Take Jokes Too Seriously

No one is typically exempt from jokes in their friend groups. If you’re vegan, there’s a high chance non-vegans will use it as the butt of their jokes. While it’s only natural to grow weary of the constant fun-making, try not to take it personally. If it weren’t your veganism, it would likely be something else. If you feel strongly about vegan jokes, ask them politely to stop or devise some great comebacks.

Be Prepared

With a majority meat-eating population, you’ll rarely be catered for in the average social setting. Don’t assume you’ll be able to eat food everywhere you’re invited to. Prepare snacks to take with you to avoid having to go hungry or having any awkwardness with your loved ones. Vegan jerky, fruit and veggie sticks, smoothies, and vegan baked goods are just a few of the many snacks you can tuck away in your handbag or backpack. 

Don’t Push Your Views

We’re all entitled to our opinions. However, in the same way that you wouldn’t appreciate your non-vegan friends pushing their viewpoint on you, they won’t appreciate the same in reverse. 

As strongly as you feel about not eating animal products, refrain from attacking your friends and family members for their food choices. However, there’s certainly nothing wrong with informing your loved ones of what it’s like to go vegan if they’ve inquired from a curiosity perspective.

As challenging as social situations can be when you’re a vegan in the company of non-vegans, you can still have fun. Prepare snacks in advance, choose restaurants with extensive venues, and refrain from pushing your views. You may be surprised by how easy it can be for non-vegans and vegans with opposing views to get along harmoniously.

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