Athletic Greens Partners with OceanX To Power Company Growth

Athletic Greens

Vegan News 4/30 – OceanX Partners With Athletic Greens to Improve Vegan Supply Chain

EL SEGUNDO, Calif., April 30, 2020 /PRNewswire/ — OceanX, the premier direct-to-consumer fulfillment and e-commerce platform, announced today that it will be fulfilling and shipping orders for the health and wellness company Athletic Greens, a provider of daily supplements.

In the past year, Athletic Greens experienced substantial growth and began thoroughly searching for the best partner to guide continued scale.

“We needed a partner that could help us scale while maintaining high service levels, multiple locations, low shipping rates, and more,” said Ben Smith, chief operating officer at Athletic Greens.

Athletic Greens anticipates continued growth this year and beyond as more consumers take active measures to support their overall health, immunity, and performance.

“They had concerns about scaling while still providing high-order accuracy, but we knew we could meet their growth projections and handle any situation that might arise,” said OceanX founder and CEO Georg Richter.

OceanX maintains four modern fulfillment centers for multi-node product deployment across the United States and Canada for situations just like this.

“To meet their current subscription clients’ needs, we ship their products from our East and West Coast facilities,” Richter said. “We know how important lifelong customer relationships are to subscription-based, direct-to-consumer brands, and we’re committed to providing exceptional service.”

Founded in 2009, Athletic Greens aims to help people live healthier lives by allowing them to address the four pillars of health: energy, recovery, immune support, and gut health. Over the past decade, the company has made 51 iterations to its original supplement formula with the assistance of doctors, naturopaths, and nutritionists.

“Their product is trusted by world-class performance athletes and professionals, but it’s just as effective for your average consumer,” Richter said. “They’ve built a loyal and active customer base that loves their products. I’d recommend drinking AG first thing in the morning to get the nutrients and whole foods your body craves.”

Athletic Greens has loyal customers around the globe, including professional athletes and health experts. The company is also NSF-Certified for Sport and has partnered with the U.S. cycling team.

“We’re excited to partner with Athletic Greens in the health and wellness space,” Richter said. “A highly absorbable, all-in-one supplement that is delivered right to your door is a foolproof option for consumers looking to take control of their overall health.”

About OceanX
OceanX helps brands grow their direct-to-consumer business by providing a suite of DTC solutions. These solutions include a modern, high-volume fulfillment-only option or an end-to-end solution that combines order management (including subscriptions), personalized fulfillment, customer care, and rich customer analytics. OceanX is optimized for product variability, 99.8%+ order accuracy, one- to two-day nationwide shipping, and — most importantly — quality. Because of this, many of the most recognizable and iconic DTC brands such as Athletic Greens, Glossier, Meaningful Beauty, and Proactiv trust OceanX to deliver.


About Athletic Greens
Athletic Greens is a global health company that makes it easy and convenient to get the nutrition our bodies need to live healthy, inspiring lives. Developed from a complex blend of 75 vitamins, minerals, and whole food-sourced ingredients, Athletic Greens Ultimate Daily is a comprehensive, all-in-one greens powder engineered to fill the nutritional gaps in your diet and support your body’s nutritional needs across four pillars of health: gut health, immune support, energy, and recovery. Athletic Greens is NSF-Certified for Sport, ensuring it meets the quality and safety standards required for the world’s top athletes and Olympians and can validate what’s on the label is in the pouch. It contains no GMOs, no harmful ingredients, no artificial colors or sweeteners, and is diet-friendly whether you eat keto, paleo, vegan, dairy-free, or gluten-free.

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